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Pablo's 90 Sedan

i know i just posted up these pics in the intro section but i wanted to start a project log to put all my progress up.
well heres a couple of pics exactly how i bought it. i didnt even clean the car yet. just drove it home. so this is where it will all begin.

Some Info:
1990 LX (Power Everything Very Happy )
Automatic ( Sad )
Picked it up for: $800
All stock


gave my baby her first bath today while i wait around to get the car legal for the streets. heres some photos and what not.

idk who thought this was a good idea?

did my best to clean them off though

bought what i need to attempt the DIY black housing lights tonight as well.

It already looks x10 better with that stupid headlight mod lol
EF Sedan Enthusiast


haha thanks. im hoping to throw a new from bumper on this thing next week. its in horrible condition.

X3, good project!


ahh no big updates.
just had to pay registration, smog, got a new battery, new cat, new muffler
EF Sedan Enthusiast

What are your next steps?

well after i get this damn new o2 sensor to work and pass the smog... im going to put on a new front end. i cant stand the way it looks right now.  Crying or Very sad

dont worry all in time it will come together.....

i like your sunroof Smile

thanks! haha

i finally fixed my driver side door lock today. ive been driving around with it unlocked. not like i had anything valuable in there but i feel a little safer anyway  Wink

Good news!
passed the smog test haha.
now i can finally get to work once i get some extra money
Very Happy

ordered some fresh license plates today  Laughing
decided to put some washers on my hood and paint the stock wheels


Cmon man, what the hell. Atleast mask the tires and lugs properly. I like the white, but it looks messy.

And the hood prop thing..... My engine rubs my hood to bare metal, and i'd still prefer that than to have ill-fitting panels.

That's just my opinion though. At least you're doing something with the sedan.

haha dang
well i painted over the lugs intentionally cuz i hate the way they look steel against white but hey it just temporary until i get rims

overheating problems -_-
bought a brand new radiator and i guess that wasnt all that was wrong.. a minor set back i hope

The new one

The old one

then i decided to paint my hood and try to patch up this nasty crack i had in it


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