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OrangeJuiced's 89 B18 Swap. Project Daily

I've had this car for almost a year. Been in love with the Ef sedans since I was a kid. Bought this bone stock for $600. Got the brakes working, drove it and kept over heating. Compression was at minimum 135 psi across all 4 cylinders. Over 200k miles on the car. Found a good deal on a b18. Been gathering all the parts. The motor was supposed to go in this weekend. Had to order more parts just to replace them and not have to worry about it in the future. Here's some progress over the past month or so.

Progress is happening. I've had a lot of help from everyone. Special thanks to Hasport, my supporting family and all the friends lending hands and knowledge. This is my first swap. Goal with the car is a clean daily. Not going full show car or anything crazy. Here is my daily right now. Trying to put less miles on it, more on the civic and get the truck finished.


Cool truck.

GL with the sedan. Cool
EF Sedan Enthusiast

Just realized you joined our little corner of the internet.  You already know I love your truck and can't wait to see some more progress on the sedan.

Not making nearly the progress I've been wanting to. Everything is special order for this motor. Also haven't been taking as many pics as I want to.

Anyways, I pulled the entire subframe and undercoated it so it looks fresh. Went through all the wiring to make it more attractive. No pics of that.

Got all new seals for the motor. I want 0 oil leaks. Couple pics of that.

Bad seals. Terrible.

This o ring is older than I am. Completely flat and cracked out. Glad I pulled the oil pump to replace it.

Still waiting on the water pump and cam cap from Acura. Just doing little things in the mean time.

Nice. Def's best to do it now rather than piece it all together and have an annoying seeping oil leak.

Nice work so far! Very curious to see the progress, keep us updated Very Happy
Also, awesome truck man!  Twisted Evil

Well boys, she's in. Took awhile. Past couple weekends friends said they'd lend a hand and never show up. My buddy had Monday/Tuesday off so we pulled an all nighter after I got off work and got it bolted in.

New flywheel. Yes it's Oem replacement. Just a daily. As much as I want to go all out on it, not what I'm building it for.

Clutch and pressure plate

Trans bolted up

And in the bay. Was such a bitch

A long ways to go, but the hard part is over. I have Saturday/Sunday off. So reassembly and maybe fired up.

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