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one wire vtec? help?

how do you do one wire vtec? what ecu and how to wire it?

back in the days some people would use a msd rpm activator. or some would use a autometer with a adjustable shift light or a shift lite so when the shift lite goes on it would activate vtec, they tap the power wire to the shift light. as for ecu it would be an LS or Si obd0.

so what wire goes to the ecu? and can it be any 12 volt source, like could i hook it to a toggle switch?

ed3_4dr wrote:
could i hook it to a toggle switch?

That's such a bad idea.

ok i thought it was, i was just asking. it just needs a 12 volt source to activate vtec?

running vtec without a vtec ecu is such a bad idea to begin with. You would be much better off converting to obd1 and running a p28 or find a p06 and have someone convert that to vtec for you and chip it while they are at it. Then you can run chrome and get your motor properly tuned. By the sounds of it your plans are to just run an ecu that is going to make your motor run ass rich all the time that way it compensates a little when it actually enguages vtec. Bad idea bro. I have seen this done before and it dosnt even run as good as a mini me with a p28 base map. Im just saying if you spend the little extra time and money you will get a much better outcome.

i plan on running a pr3 or pw0 ecu that is chipped. i have a a6 and im doing a y8 mini me swap. i have heard that i can use my dist. and my pm6 ecu

If you are dead set then yes that is wat you can do. And you can use your pm6 and chip it just fine but if you are going to be chipping it make sure it is a 90-91 ecu. But personally i would really consider going obd1. Its not really that much more expensive than wat you are already doing and you will end up with a better end result. But that is just my 2 cents  Very Happy  hope it helps

well it cost me 25 for the head, 20 for the y8 head gaskit and 160 for a one wire vtec chipped ps9 ecu.

You can find an obd1 conversion harness, and a p28, and prolly chip it, all for 160.

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