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old to new pix

pics from the day i got her. and now


came with a b16 after a 6 months spun bearing ran 15.8

now i built a all motor setup b18a motor
ctr pistons, arp rod , main bolts , head studs
phatom grip lsd, with stage 2 centerforce clutch utherthen bushing ever where you could put them
ran 14.5 with 15in street tires
probly get in down to 14.1 or 14 flat with slicks

I like the hood scoop u had on it in the beginning. the honda looked rowdy with that paint skeem too.

yeah the hood scoop, i hated it when i got the car but i fell in love with it.   But had to get rid of it was getting water in the engine.  Funny thing is it was a wrx hood scoop and my old exhaust had a slight leak so it sounded just like a wrx.  Had so many complaments on the leaky exhaust lol Forum Index -> Pics & Vids
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