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ok i have some mpfi conversion questions.

ok i've gathered up almost all the parts i needed. i just need a d16a6 distributor.

i've been reading write ups about how to do it and what not, such as this one:

but one of my questions is.. when its talkin about the parts where you de-pin the ecu, is it talking about the pm6 ecu?

another question is.. on the si wiring harness there is one wire that leads to the fuse box on the passenger side shock tower and i couldn't unscrew it to save my life so i cut it; is it needed? i mean it didnt seem to be needed. if you need pics i'll get some tomorrow.

oh and thanks for the help! Smile
Type-S EF

you DE pin the connector to the ECU, and if the wire you cut was big, like  10-8 awg then your car wont charge, because thats the wire going to the alternator, and in my opinion, it is needed.

i figured it all out. still need the distributor though. thanks. Forum Index -> Write Ups & Tech Info
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