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Aren D.

OEM air box, b16a eng, what intake tube?

Hey Guys, my 91 civic sedan has a b16a in it and a really shitty intake that I just popped on there like, oh I dont know 8 years ago when I did the swap lol.

Anyway I feel like my little civic is due for some clean up and I want to install the factory air filter box again.

The question I have is:

Which OEM honda intake tube thingy will fit with a b16a/stock intakemanifold and TB, and the factory 91 DX air box?

If anyone can help me out, thank you very much!!!

I used the EF b16 pr3 tube with oem Sedan box and oem b16 tb

Aren D.

EF b16 pr3

Okay thanks 4dred6!
That looks like exactly what I need. Very Happy

Np man, here to help Forum Index -> Drivetrain
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