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Got it rustproofed today
Here's my baby 89 dx ;)
Random shots...........Post up!
Still in that sedan life! (Video feature) 1991 LX
EF vs DA meet in Eugene, OR
Finally we met!
Spring Time Vtec
Bought an Old skool Alpine cassette deck for the sedan
23 EFn years!
New lip. lol
Florida EF's
little cruising video of exhaust
Cape Town Representing
A few recent pics. Chillin in Seattle.
Sedan Brochures/Catalogues/Literature
Wallechanfilms Ef2 On Work Meister CR01
Wallechanfilms Ef Sedan Build
My daily 91 LX, haven't posted it on here before
Recent Update!
civic 4g event from Poland
89civicracer & jerseys ef sedan HONDA DAY 2013!!!!!!
New Tires, New Pics - 1990 CRX Si
Small Cruise and another EF sedan to add to the family
new pics of my sedan!!!!
Just added a few things
4dred6 freeway photoshoot
Quick shot, after wash !!
91 DX
Ripper vids
Post "YOUR" block and head work
Freeway photoshoot!
I'm back ! New ed3 automatic
My new rims and the epic journey to attain them.
April 2013 pics: 1988 civic lx sedan
my sedan
Awd ef sedan(converted)
Awesome vid of EF Racecar at Okayama International Circuit
Check out what I scored!
Harlem Shake !!
Thanks zacattack
Pics of my 88 sedan
89 in Boston, MA: the start
A couple fun videos from when it was up and running :)
Video of tranny troubles.
JDM EF Cruise Video
pic request
new exhaust
Im a huge fan of this drift missle thoughts anyone?
A little walkthrough of my sedan
OEM shift knob showdown.
gopro intro video. 91 lx showoff/walk around
offical how low can you go pics .
EF Sedan rebuild project from Poland
Slammed 1989 turbo sedan video ......must watch
MAY 1999 Turbo Magazine - EF Sedan feature
My "ED3" From Dominican Republic!!!
Le Mar Green Sedan (pics)
my new ef
new here , few pics of my sedan NEW PICS 11/18/12
new pick of my sedan(can't wait to take her to the track)
Pics of your stickers on back window
ef sedan with picks please comment
New CRX JDM RHD w/ sexy ass model pics. courtesy of me.
My 1990 lx Sedan Project ( just got broken into 05/11/12)
Random collection of pics of my car
My new EX ed3 Rare hard to find
my Honda DOHC 160i
36i Limited JDM EF3
Lot's-O-Pics (Updated Night Pic's)
Dutch EF (around amsterdam)
New Shoes
New pics of my Marie
Post Pics Of The Best Lookin' Exhaust
Check out this video I made!
Like new old hondas some where in france
nice honda art paintings
Black housed headlights?
who are you ?
Snow Pictures!
Indonesia's EF National Gathering 2011
pic request! black and darkish grey or gunmetal sedans
To tint 0r not to Tint...?
1988 Civic Sedan
ILDS Winterfest - Sanford Florida
what center light is this off off
Wood grain trim kit!!! Is it real oem??? 15Hrs left
new ef
What to do when the oil is gone ! here is electric
lil cartoon cars.
Post up Pics of great finds from the JUNK YARD you got
EF Bros cruising and my sedan
PLZ POST PICS of GOLD sedans i mite paint or keep gold
Hondas @ Wakefield Park...
35M Super Extra
HardLuck™ EFsedan walk around
Finally Boosted!!!
primmed sedan
EF's from japan [EF Summit2011]
Save the EF bbq meet - Houston, TX - 07/17/11
Few pics from Eibach 2011
the new stance
the new 90 :)
new pics! LA sedan
newby pics
g-man's 89 4dr ef race koo0R
Wangan Run in the brown Cow
Wide Arched My Sedan
Dark tint all around..windshield?..
my ef2, from puerto rico
1990 Honda Civic Sedan EX
Any body Rockin the Burgundy
new to the fourm
my sedan...
My first pixel car.
My 91 LX
My sedan. Just got paint job done. G
new pics summer 20....before i stripped the car down again..
post more pics
honda love!
old to new pix
Random daily customer turns out to be a super photographer
New wheels and some new shots
So here is my 91 lx
Meet pics
my car was stolen and this is how i found it....
91 LX on the way to eibach
before and after.....big change since the day i got her.....
*MN Old Skool Meet Pics*
my ef2
White/Tan Sedan
Ferrari "Green Hole" New Record!
Honda Civic ED2
heres some pics of my sedan
Civic/CRX mEEt 2009, Nürburgring Nordschleife, Germany
i know, i know. not a sedan, RT4WD
clean sedan!!
89' LX ...
My 88 EF Sedan <3.
NEW member- honda ef 4dr HISTORY & PICTURES
little update on my sedan
more updates .....and tested a set of wheels!!!!
update on the new toy......and pix of my other car
my 500$ 91 EX :]
my baby
check out my new toy
Some new pics of my 89 lx
my 90 DX
91 Si sedan...
my ef2
My Camo EF Sedan
89LX,official owner of a EFCS.
my polished turd
My Slow Honda
Mattes CRX ED9
Snapped a pic
post your ef sedan drawings.
Trying to fix my paint on a budget RESULTS!!! 56k take a nap
Jus Bought 88 Civic Update
Efs from the past
90 sedan lx
myef_sedan 91
Widebody Sedan
Just Bought 88 Civic LX
Wagovan Side Skirts on my EF
my sedan in the track
pics of ef wrecks
Sedans in the Press.
totaled my sedan =/
new whip
Pics from BOTI ...Woodburn OR
horrid news
Messed with some dash lights today...
my 89
A Sedan is not allowed to look like this!
Couple videos of my 89
updated pics
90 dx what u think
video of my 4dr vs ek hatch
Just a couple pics of my 91 civic (new pic)
pic request
turbo magazine may1999
"white sedan club" post a pic of your white 4dr
how to post pics?
my 89 4door (EDITED)
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