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Custom RHD 90-91 sedan gauge housing
EF hatch wing mirrors same/fit on EF sedan?
JDM FL sedan front end to PFL front end?
PW0 Ecu
Spoiler or roof spoiler options
seriously need help ef sedan peeps
Battery relocation question
power windows not working
CRX dash
ef sedan shell with no wire harness
New audio system help.
Cooling Fan npt working
In desperate need for left fender!
Engine Bay...Fully Shaved Or Just Tucked?
How to change all lights in my cluster
Buying new front bumper and rear bumper, online!
1988 civic side moldings USDM vs UKDM ?
no power
Need some input on seats??
Wire Tuck/Shaving Engine Bay
Speaker help
Bumper Interchangeabilty
so many jumpers
Alternator issue
repaint lower center console
rear bumper
Cluster HVAC bulb size
spoon goodie ;)
cooling fan switch
88-91 tail light covers the same ?
Headlights not coming on
altenator pulley
Ecu code 20 need advice on fix
did it again lol
Parts you deeply desire thread
code 3 and 4 help!
not your average seatbelt complaint
OEM Honda 88-91 Sedan Car cover ?
Car wont start help
Need help!!
91 jdm tails
crx dash?
90 civic rear seat
Seat Bracket 88 sedan
Anyone know this rear window visor?
OEM Touch up paint bought
need some light bulb suggestions
Plasti Dip
Help With Front Lip
UK bumpers / US bumpers
Prelude fogs
need help with alarm feature
Fresh porn :) an yes SFW
trunk torsion bar
Rear bumper and number plate recess
New Bumper or is it ?!!
gas gauge problems
Hmmmm.. turning on lights pops a fuse.
Done messed up
JDM reartail lights
Weird dome light issue
power steering removal
yay or nay
idle adjustment
time for paint change
Let em roar!!
Childrens car seat
C-pillar bar mounting?
Catalytic Conver. Question
Hatchback console in sedan?
ac dash delete
Help me pick a shift knob
seat pan swap?
Distributor !!! Help!
Question about NRG steering setup
88-89 90-91 front end difference
Mug Style Window Visors
Trunk leak?
wire tuck
Sedan Lip Help
need a quick opinion
help starting issues
voltage stabilizer
Are 88-89 Trunk lids different from 90-91?
89 civic doors
1990 Black Interior Requests
boso pipes
OEM-style Jap lip? Where to buy
Anybody interested in some OEM tape-deck/radio's?
removing auto-seatbelts
What style/type of lugs are these?
The Cockpit Picture Thread
Anybody have a Skunk2 Shortshifter? pics/vids of difference?
Cluster wiring problem
EF2 XSi?
New headlamps
CS style lip for sedans
Headlight swap question
88-89 tail lights on my 90 sedan?
Interior pillar plastics help
polished my tails!
no start due to electrical problem
EF/DA Carpet question
vinyl wrap or paint?
New Carpet?
Corner and side marker problem
Got a question about fuel sender/gas gauge.
Left Tail light not working
will a dizzy from an auto work in my stick?
88-91 Civic OEM Mats differences (pics)
91 Lx Headliner in Purple Micro Suede
Are the 90/91 Headliners the same as 88/89
found: full set mud flaps at junk yard.
best alarm ever!!!!!!l ”SECRET WEAPON” go get it sticky this
CRX dash swap.
Adjusting headlights
early 90's Volvo front lip ?
dpfi to mpfi help on 88 civic sedan
Rear defogger switch problem
cluster removal
What Lip is this?
EF3 Si Sedan
Amp and Subwoof??
new lip installed...........
Mudflap Size???
List of lips and side skirts
91 Prelude fogs on a 4door?
90-93 integra power folding mirrors question
crx front end
Picture Request of Window Visor clips
URGENT!!!!!! oem wing mounting measurments
will a CRX AC work in my 4 door?
88 civic seat rails
trunk issue
EF2 one piece headlight bulb size
High Beams Don't Work
yellow DRLs in high beam illegal?
ek center console into sedan?
Paint removal?
Learn me some paint!
Power Window Troubles
looking on buying a rear visor,need help
Automatic seat belt problems!!!!
LX doors for a DX?
both fans on when engine is cool
manual window lach broke off! help please
Interior Fuse Box NEED LAYOUT :(
Which Clear Corner's will look better??
Question on paint...
Will Electronic Climate control work in ED3??
Exhaust Leak
Late model parts that fit fourth gen sedans
Can 90-91 HB cluster fit in 90-91 Sedan?
Power mirrors on 91 DX?
WTH! my sedan wnt strt due to IDK help plz :)
Facelift tails vs pre-facelift
need new seats !!!
need help with ef3 si cluster write up???
Trunk tray for our sedans (updated with new pics)
AnyOne over seas take a look please.
no power door locks
What armrest is this from?
D series A/C pump
Wiring and door locks and ignition?
Fuel pump issues.
Center garnish question!
Blue Interior Paint?
Bumper pole diagram help?!?
needa take my bumper???
Were Do They Sell Sedan's Front End?
91 ef sedan still dead after new battery and alternator
What spoiler is this?
Good finds with links!!! Post up for other ef sedaners!!!;-)
fog light install
GSR rear Seats in EF Sedan
What do i do for ECU Code 16?
advan stick on my ef sedan????
Footrest ?
ef seat compatibility
Urgent!!!!! Interior question
Wipers dont come on same time as washer fluid ? (solved)
Codes 9, 16 and 43 out of no where...
Seat Suggestions?
s2000 seats in sedan problem
A/F gauge help..
90-93 sedan cb7 accord rear seats in ef sedan?
s2000 Cluster in Sedan
where to buy windshield moldings
what kind of front end is this
Paint suggestions
Pillar or door mounted seatbelts ?
Windscreen Removal?
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