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Clutch Issue
code 9 got me down
B16a DEL SOL Question!
help, coolant hoses
gsr swap questions
Cali Smog
Rb20 EF?
idle problems
Mpfi swap problems
Upgrading SH 4 engine
Crunches when i shift 3rd
something weird hapened, lmk what you think, oil prob
F.Y.I. 88-91 Civic Oil Filter Manufacture Database
B series mounts
D15B2 mini-me parts list - need input
OEM air box, b16a eng, what intake tube?
z6 short block. good buy?
K swap or SC'd D15/16?
D16Y8 SWAP in ED4 sedan.
d16 oem header?
Need a quick second opinion.
tranny and axel questions. will they fit?
What could it be?
Turbo b series swap? Need input!
JDM B16A Swap?
new dilema
possible distributor/ground issue need some help.
shifter slop at b**ch pin joint
wiring suggestions
starting issues
frankenstein tranny cant find matching clutch...HELP
sawp info ls1
car wont start
I have some D16B6 questions, need expert advice.
Y8 intake manifold for MPFI swap?
d15b1 motor troubles oil, spark plugs.
well think its that time(valve lash) :(
Calling ALL B-SWAPPED Ef sedans header question
The main question
y8 mani on a6
The engines
exhaust extending
do i need to drop the tank?
do i need to drop the tank?
solid cel, code 3 rough idle
d16a6 fuel question
can someone plz help me with knowledge
would this fit?
shift shaft seal
Engine Light
engine swap problems
What lube should I put in my new tranny?
Some clutch questions
d15b2 motor swap
timing belt :-(
Zc motor
EMERGENCY! please help :(
dpfi question...
dpfi swap to mpfi
SOHC Port match and polish (illustrated)
sohc zc cam?
Searched to no avail. crx axels and clutch cable in sedan?
Need help with my dx
question about si tranny.
obd0 d16y7 bogging
2005 civic engine in my ef..?
AWD Swap Info Needed
Automatic transmission issue / replacement
Flash Code 19
Need help!
Ls swap help
D to B thought?
honda trans guru's , question for you..................
Building an Engine?
rear main seal leak
1st gear and2nd gear only
intake ?
Smog check help!!
b16a weird issues dizzy cyp sensor
How many miles does your Ef have?
Speedo Cable Problem
Was good my fellow Ef sedan fellas
No spark ?!
head gasket for high comp...
Rattle underneath !
temp gauge says hot but car isnt overheating..code 6 ecu?
need some help gonna be going from automatic to standard?
MPFI Questions
help me id this engine
Manual linkage on an automatic tranny
D15z1 Vtec-e
d16a6 and zc
92-93 Integra GSR OEM muffler on 88 civic sedan ?
Rod Bearings...ACL or OEM?
Shifting problem
Re. b16a3 swap into EF
d15b non vtec questions. (More questions added 1/13/12)
Do i have to convert to obd1?
High Compression
t25 turbo questions
d16y8 swap
Did z6 swap, now wont come out of gear
Shift Linkage.. Need Help
Poor running
K or H?
Whats the best SOHC to build for boost
b18b1 ls swap in 89 4dr
d15b2 rebuild and add-ons or z6 swap??? help!!!
zc swap????
Can someone shed some light on this for me?
d16z6 swap question
B18A1 throttle body on D15B2
Issues with driving while opperating lights, heater, stereo
Blown head need a need engine!!
Help asap
Z6 Engine Harness
Know catbacks
Enginge trouble!!
Z6 Motor
Engine Rebuild Kits
Stock exhaust
mpfi swap
What would you do to your ef with 3k
HELP! (Idle)
blast pipes!! boso pipes!!
Wanna Boooost
starting problem
washed motor now it wont start
aftermarket sohc vtec camshafts
exhaust opition?
b20 swap?
Build head or go turbo???
B-Series front engine mount
Short Shifter
d15b vtec help
intake manifold
b16a swap
H22 swap?
HELP for my EF
misaligned shifter on my new 5 speed
LS Swap
LS Swap won't start after a test drive. HELP =*(
Worn out shifter bushings
starts & dies
Muffler restriction
higher than normal idle
f series
Car shutting off :(
fuel lines? where to get..
MPFI Swap Cranks but no start!!!
rebuilt head smoking?
OBD-0/1 Distributor/ECU
Distributor Issue
HELP! Swapping ZC
Engine Swap
buddy and i working on a track EF
Engine swap? Spark plug Tube...
Creaking noise??
D15B2 pgm-fi on D15B3 Motor?
new muffler
HELP! Wiring questions...
Clutch replacement
cannot go over 3500 rpm
working on a new project
IACV / EACV: How does it work?
turbo kit
Idle Issues
loud creaking sound
overheatn B2'
FML... damn D15
i have a d15b2 dpfi and i wanna turbo it and get around 300.
94 civic d15 into my 90 sedan lx
Turbo for my d15?
cable to hydro tranny?
Axles auto vs manual
mini me
changed head gasket car wont start... HELP!!!!
cant get my timing belt tensioner loose
Changing my head gasket and timing belt
clutch/trans/flywheel question
dohc zc axles
ZC motor or swap
High Compression D15
how to identify if its a real crx si tranny
need help fixing ecu code 9
I have a d15b2 and I wanna do a automanual swap
eg coupe throttle cable on ef
what I will need to swap a d16y8 into my car
building up my car to handle 300 horsepower
z6...Si cable tranny...not fittin
Shift linkage ???
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