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valve tapping, oil fix?
going to pull my tranny
my car wont pass 3k PLS HELP!
Civic H/B Center section on Sedan
Spoon Wires
my tranny problems
How to keep power steering?
that stupid bitch pin
mpfi code 16 (need help asap!)
B18a1 Swap plug issue????
ZC Swap want trans si or ls
Multi Point
What short rams fit on a B series in an EF
D15B Dual Carb?
zc sohc pickup
LS Swap Axle and intermediate shaft????
B16A Swap Driveshafts
will this clutch fit and work in my car!!!
Spike in temp. . ? Whats the cause?
Auto to Manual swap
(Battle of the D-Series)
5spd swap: Retain Cruise control
Playin with the dizzy...
mpfi problems.
what plug is this for?
d16a6 intake manifold fuel line bolt.
fuel pump doesn't shut off.... at all
D15 tranny
replacement parts for b16
H2D setup
G23 swap!
zc swap
Rebuild D16 or go ZC?
Its time to rebuild have a few quesions
88 Civic Sedan AUTO problems....please help
K series EF ???
D15 timing issue
idle problem?
Engine options?
Motor Mount Fitment Problem
weird check engine light situation.
Engine not bolting in need help ASAP
d15b vtec questions/insight
help, sputter/backfire?
fully built d with vtec or lsT on 10psi?
What oil do you use?
Half/Intermediate Shafts????
mpfi question.
help ... lots of white smoke
B18c1 Swap?
Crx exhaust on a sedan?
Keeping a/c when swaping in a B
Not getting spark or fuel. FIXED!!!!!!!!!
axle question.
any one done LS 5th gear on s1 b16 tranny?
Motor mounts
Help plx urgent
D16A6 or D16Y7 cam?
H22 in a 88 DX sedan
DA linkage...
Ran the Honda on the Dyno. .(Dyno Sheet inc.)
cold air intake
Having problems swaping a d16z6 in my d4r
hasport efdhc !
How much do you really need to turbo?
Engine just stopped
what to put on a b16a2
Swap to b16a2
EF H2B swap:
B16 Swap
ls swap???
Gutting engine bay
Help 89 Civic Sedan wont start
clutch question
Do you guys loc tite the crank bolt
So is this a good deal.
Skunk 2 Intake Manifold??!!
SI transmission
Oxegen Sensor
jumper harness
so what are my chances??
EF water pump
gear box dohc,sohc
quick dumb question
code #43
Starter problems Help please !!!!!!!
car stalls out
Ecu work
Turbo questions
Converting to OBD-1
oil feed line
b 16s
history with me and me headache it wont start i need help
D16Z6 help
B20 swap
real time tuning!
External Coil
parts are installed!!!!!!
D15b ?
new numbers
car wOnt Start NEeD Help Plz!!!
ditchin the d15
my goodies are here...yay for me!!!!
So I want to change my clutch..
passing smog
hood issues -- hood wont open without pressure??
looking for catback
So my car learned a new trick today...
Clutch went dead...
I Need Vtec! JDM D15B Sohc Vtec..
Engine pulley bolt stuck
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