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Difference between 1988 Civic and 1989 Civic
'90 civic sedan lx d15a1 to zc swap
D.I.Y. Resolving clutch pedal Squeak
b18a1 obd1 in dfmpi
90/91 CRX SI "DASH install" into 90/91 sedan
90/91 Civic/CRX under dash fuse box diagrams.
D.I.Y. Repair & Preventative maintenance for ICU module
Car wont start help
Need help!!
?!$?Shift linkage rebuild!$?$
SS braided brake lines write-up (link)
DIY: how to mount jdm ef9 bumper with usdm support.
EF hatch, EF sedan
Distributor !!! Help!
Prelude fogs
Catalytic Conver. Question
JDM B16A Swap?
DIY Camber Kit install and adjustment
Cluster help!!!!
HOW TO: fog light restoration
help on ef2 question
Obd0 to Obd1
NEED HELP!! IS obd0 jbm b16 ecu wiring the same as usdm b18?
B18A1 swap in my 1990 LX sedan
90LS + 88 sedan = what powerstearing pump braket do i need??
Heads for d15a2
JDM foglight cutout/wiring route/pics
JDM Parking/bumper pole diagram/PICS
MPG questions!!!
carburetor proper tuning guide?
I need a parts list plz
mpfi conversion issue
Fuel Delivery Issue
how is the molding put on 90 sedan
my idle goes up and down and car dies at a stop
Help on Paint!
Bouncing idle after MPFI swap
F.Y.I. 88-91 Crx/Civic Accessory Part Number Database
"Option Group" Performance parts
WD40 Engine bay detail - (info + pics)
Swap quesitons
OEM CRX Si muffler on 91 Sedan
B16A P30 Map sensor change from wall mounted to TB mounted
d15 b conversion
d15b7 confusion...
civic safety stats??
Piston clearances
Need help of front end
Cam Gears
Need help on installing jdm fogs
92-00 coilover fit ef2??
ef hatch fit ef sedan
Need some measures - Rear brakes
need headlight help please
USDM - to JDM Conversion....
91 Integra Cluster on EF 88-89
DA lip on EF sedan =x
best engine placement mounts?
90-91 tailight help...
Inexpensive external coil cap
Inexpensive external coil cap
D15B vtec?
one wire vtec? help?
EF brake/suspension compatibility info
Power Steering Parts with B20?
Basic Troubleshooting on mostly everything
DIY/HOW TO: EG half radiator in an EF
SiR B16A swap
Exhaust systems for are civics......
90 civic swappin a z6
Powerfolding mirrors!
Check your headlights for charred plugs, please!
temperature gauge not working..
Shuttle (90-91) front blinker fit on Civic 3dr and 4d (88-89
cruise control problem
Tie rod write up??
Honda Fact Book 88-91 civic
h and f series specs
b seires specs
So Cal Engine Swap Info...!!!
DIY / BYS rear lower strut brace:
Honda CRX & Civic JDM Parts Information
CEL help
1988 - 91 Honda Civic Service Manual - NO CRX -
headlight wiring
ok i have some mpfi conversion questions.
DIY engine mounts
Sidemarker install
crx dash swap guide
hows to get rid of amber lines on 90-91 reverse lights
need info best way to fit driverside window
JDM specs and differences between models
Wire tuck write up's???
How to make a rear lower bar.
Lightweight Battery
Main relay fix VERY GOOD INFO!!!!!
Engine swaps?
Wheel offset, What works best??
online info & manuals super thread (100+ links)
Fog Light Install - non JDM.
broken camber kit
94 Prelude Front Lip conversion
Honda VIN codes
How to: black out your headlights
Bumper Pole wiring with the Relay
D.I.Y. Amber Corner/Bumper Lenses
HOW TO: civic 99-00 rear lip to 88-91 rear bumber
90-91 Integra Front Lip install onto a EF Sedan
Civic/CRX Si rear swaybar into 88-91 Sedan
EF Sedan info
DOHC VTEC wiring diagrams
D Series specs
Basic D series compression calculator
How to build a Ls/Vtec Oem parts
EF swap guide/info
Power steering delete
SOHC & ZC Wiring diagrams
Omni Power Coil Over Sleeve Install
Rear Disc Brake Swap
Honda/Acura chassis weights 1985-2003
9005 headlight conversion
Fan switch install
MPFI swap
Honda engine/chassis codes
Fuel pump cut off switch
Honda transmission specs
Honda engine codes
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