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90 EX touge monster/rocketship build.
1988 Civic auto
Tail Light Decision
my ef2 h2b build
OrangeJuiced's 89 B18 Swap. Project Daily
Civic ED2 Daily
88 Sedan GSR swap (in progress)
K24 Sedan Build...
Grifty's JDM EF5 RT-SI
my 90 lx coming back to life
maroon bandit
The million dollar motorcar project!
Resurrection of Cleopatra
BoomPows 1991 LX Sedan DD/Project
Situation Normal
looking to go fast
The bboy resto-mod by projEKtjokes
boso's 89 sedan build
Officially In The Game!
SpudWrench's H2B sedan build
1991 DX Sedan Build
Back in a sedan! Build up of my 91 civic
1989 EE5 Real Time 4WD
jtabo's 91 ED3 build. ***Updates feb2***
logans ef sedan build
Neila's EF sedan
Ef Sedan from SoCal!!!
I'm back!
88 civic part II
Ed Box Civic
My Daily Project
Lil' Brother's 91 EX Sedan
Tread build( on going progress)
'88 Rat sedan
The Limo
Mikey's Project
new build thread 88 sedan!
1988 DX sedan
Honda Civic ED5 - Alice (Large Pictures)
another build
BLU's Sedan
USDM massive build! (89 civic sedan)
djblingbling1's DD ED/EF Sedan Build
Josh's 91 ED... Lets try not to wreck this one too...
d15y8 build
Civic Sedan UK Build
4dr state line
Expecting too much - An ED3 Piece Of Crap
Ryan's (noobie) EF build
My daily pusher. 1991 ex.
My Ef2 Build
89lx w/b16a
Daily 91 Sedan.
1991 ex sedan build
91 ef sedan build
Turbo Fourdour from Lithuania
My slow and broke craigslist project
Project Unicorn (Slow Build)
My (probably super crappy) build thread
Jman's 91 LX "Amy"
im new on your site. but not new to hondas
A long time lurker.
My Daily Driver
What do you guys think of my new rims??
start of n/a b18c1
My new project <3
Whitey II
my 88 ef sedan project
EF project under way
Currently building up 91 EF, thoughts, comments and advice!!
my 90 project
hi, im new with cars plz help
GrandpaKendall's Just a DD cup thread !
UKDM ED2 Superior Blue Sedan
Jaseum's project log from utah
JDMric*'s project from El Salvador (Part2)
4g4d ED3 face-lift 1990 from The Netherlands!! 25-LGJ-3
my white ed3 build
Bertrand's First Build (Slow Build)
MaXXuS' 91 ED3 Ongoing development (Update 13MARCH13)
was not intended to be this way...
JapJunkie's EF Sedan Build
trisms AUDM 4g love in
mi civic ef sedan de mexico el balin
mp_89dx..... 1990 EX build thread
I guess I should start one of these...
Jae_Rex's Build Thread...(update 4-6-2012, new pics)
Psychoblue23's 89 LX Project thread
4dred6 build thread
90 civic sedan LX straight outta South FL.
EF sedan from Europe
Josh's 35X build!
Honda Civic sedan ED4 1.6i (new photos)
ED3 USDM by goliat from Poland (many pictures)
Honda Civic ED3 Hella Placek/ page 10 Kanjo
1991 Honda Civic DX sedan - Marie: build thread
Finally another german sedan
~Sp33~'s daily JDM 4g 4d content :P
Tom's 35xt Limited Edition build.
GERman Sedan gets "oldskool"
Aussie EF Sedan slammed on whitewalls.
Blox / Skunk 2 Lowering Springs
HardLuckô EFsedan on going daily project....
My Ef Sedan Build
90efLS's swap and sedan build up, new pics
Kevin's dohc zc swapped dx (editted title)
Brian's SMF sedan build!
Powellys ED2 Sedan daily driver
About time I joined
Poor little EF
Cream sedan d16z6 build
Indonesian EF Rare Project - Just Sharing
89 LX SOHC ZC's DD project
My 5 year Lenght Proyect
Arkan's b16 powered ed3
My 91 lx sedan (newer)
Jap EF3 Si sedan B16 project
LA sedan
1991 Honda Civic EX project :)
Flat Tire's Sedan build
The Quest still continue! Boosted EFsedan
Starting over!
Just what the doctor ordered
Villany Produt's Shop Car Build: EF2 XSI B16A OBD1
The brown cow (big plans for the summer)
87 ED4 Build Up Story
h22tcb7: 1988 civic sedan build
90 Civic DX [USDM]
travis battle's sedan
RcLees boosted 91 Sedan
Will's build of a 91 LX
KNoTTo's back
91 Lx Sedan- D16z6 w/ 50 trim setup
ED3 USDM Towlies log!
1991 ef ex sedan build 2011
My 1990 Honda Civic Build.
my sedan b16b project(ireland)
1991 ef sedan !
gold89LX - the golden 4dr
Hello from the Netherlands.
the dutch eudm aint dutch! you aint much! ;)
ED2 Sedan UKDM, Project
light blue ex!
so begins a beautiful sedan.
It has begun...
K20a2 89 civic lx Project...!.!.!.!.
Joey F.'s '89 Civic Sedan build
Bigluelok's: EE2 non sedan content
My [ED2] OldSchool style
Stealth_Sleeper - forget rice burner, think pressure cooker
Sancho's second shot!
my 4door <3
90 dx rustoleum paint job
v3.0 89 lx redux
My Portuguese ED2
My 91 sedan
Pablo's 90 Sedan
TM's Sedan Take two
Help! Whats this part called??
new lights on the JDM.US.EF.......
4gen red Ferio [by omsa]
'91 Civic (South Africa - Ballade)
My 91 lx 4dr
Monjans Hay's Sedan Build Thread Updated 4/30/14
i know, i know. not a sedan, RT4WD
Mi crx project
The Cape Town Build *more pics*
94 Acura integra
vtec swap
demon_camber's "project DD" 89 lx ef sedan:56K?hel
* 2_Envy's EFsedan *
gotariceburner's 91' Lx project
My Ed2 slut! Update Rear Mudflaps + OEM Front Lip
EF_tovi's 90 ef sedan build
91 ED3 [Army Rat] update 23/6!
ED3 From Russia
New to the site so my DD 91 Ex Sedan
Ballade DOHC
My First EF Sedan!
ED2 Sedan(USDM)
Josh's 35xt progress :D **updated**
Im back, with a 90 m8!
MRA4886 is back in the sedan game bitches.
The building of a box
My 2010 Rebuild
vicariously living through a friend's sedan
ls build
REDNECK'S ED3 project!!!!
ef sedan pix only!!!
Project EF2 part2 (Its done!)
liljames 89 GL sedan...plenty of pics
Proper282's 91 DX------> 90 LX
Irish sedan
burg's 4 door build....
my sedan
My ED2 - Project "HEH"
mra4886 new four door. and progress.
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