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The Intro...
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new to the site from savannah Ga
noobie here...
Hello from Ireland!!
The new/not so new guy...
New from elizabethton TN
New Here what's up...
I'm Home!
wut up new to the site
New to the site, Not the Game.
New member =]
New to the site
new to the website
New In From the 414 of WI
from aTL
new from texas
k20a2 88
From the crazy NW aka Washington
wellll hey from IRELAND!!!!
From Maryland
whats up from cali!
Hello from TX
Alright Guys
New Member from Pa
What up
nine d one.. whatup?!
Hi from Singapore
new here
ED4 from Poland...
I dont even have my sedan yet!!
a new EFer
newbie here in need of a sedan in the mids uk
new to ef"s, not new to turbo hondas
EF from Batam indonesia
x2 sedan...
Ayo Ayo Mayo
Whats Good Site?
Hi my name is mitsubishiv5!
new sedan owner!!
Newbie to the forum Hi All!
new new new
ThurmanMerman's Welfare Project
jddwls....i'm here
Newbie here........
Wazup... guy from South Africa
newbie from scotland/japnn
Hiya from Longview
Here for the second time 1990 EX
91 sedan parts fit a 88 sedan???
CrazyJFlipKid here!
noob from the NY
Hello from Costa Rica
noob from wa
My Gold 88.
new from LA
hallo form reno nv
Greetings from Malaysia...!
my hondaaaaaaaaaaaa
hey look here...
Kazar is on the secene
88 Dark_CivLude's: 88 EF sedan
Killa EF2 91 Sedan...!!!
Whats up from Washington
Whats up from Brooklyn, New York...(NOOB)
Hello from Cologne, Germany!
hi there lady' john "ef2er"
what up from Houston....
The Pink Sedan is a n00b once again
newbie from fife
What's up from Jhwerks.:
'91 EF from San Jose, CA Hello!
'89 Sedan from PA
Kurosawa :: EF Sedan Squad Member #120 ::
new from southern GA.
jriley's intro
newbie here
Hello folks Newbie here
Finaly Finaly MRA4886 has made it to efcs site.
EFCS new owner, SF bay Area.
Noob Here.. Just picked up first EF Sedan.
whats up guys
hey everyone, new guy here.
n00b to this site
new here
EF sedan-- my first 4dr in years
New guy
new to efcivicsedan 91LXb16a
Va 4door..... post reply
got a new little buddy for my 4 door
New to the site.
Hi, name is Jesus
HI guys new here
new member from Uruguay
Hi All
New to the Site
From Honda-tech to New guy here ATX
Intro from a FL 4thgen4dr Freak
new to 4 doors old skool honda head
New to the crew
New guy here!
long time reader, just joined. *now with pics*
Finally ! Hi im new but lovin this sites!!!
New guy from PA
Noob here to stay
Finally a four door forum...
NOOB 2 the site NOt the game..
New to the Site
Greetings from NJ,Fl
Greetings from the UK
Greetings from the Florida Panhandle!
Mugen EF Wannabe.. from Indonesia :)
EFsedan Forum -n00b-
new here
Hello from Portugal----- pics added
Hey what's good!!
New to the forum but .. not to the EF.
am new here
Hey From JDMR and Honda-tech
my little 4door
I'm back...
New Sedan Owner
new here
noob here
New Honda Lover
Hello from Wv
The pics I promised...
oh schnap
sup vatos!!!
Newb from Ohio
hello all
Canadian 4G4D here now..
My name is Mike.... and I'm a redneck.
Special Delivery from UPS
hey everyone
sup dudes!
Hi I am new
HOuston in da building
Ann Arbor Michigan
New from Wisconsin
Member #99 checking in - zoops
Another new guy
New to efcs
Misha is here now
Hey everyone new here from Iowa.
Greeting from BFE Ohio
whats up everyone?
Hey whats up from TX
whats up
Hello im from malaysia ~
my bro's white 91 sedan
Hello from St. Louis
Hi all From TH
Tx Greetings
the new guy's 4-door
How the f*ck did I end up with a civic???
What's good?
new here from toronto canada
Hey there
hey from aurora CO
From California To Canada
Ohio Noob
NOOB *post moved*
pa noob
New Jersey noob
Hi all! P-Stone from Va Beach (pics)
New B from Ohio
Hey guys~!
New dude from Denver
Im from Wis and lv EFS
Whats up from miami
back again!
AZ Noob
hallo too all riders of the coolest car ever!
Hello Everybody!
Bk ef
whats up bro's
first person from the UK maybe??
new guy from ga
new to this game....
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