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not your average seatbelt complaint

You have Probably seen this complaint countless times "my seatbelt(s) don't work plz halp me". But this time it's a bit more serious and definitely more convoluted.
You see, unlike the usual, it's not some trivial thing to fix. The usual solution ("check the fusebox on the positive battery terminal") won't really help. Because some genius in my car's history removed the entire fusebox. I even found a wire that I'm pretty sure plugged into it.
This leads me to a question: will Honda still fix this for no charge? If not, what should I do next? Admittedly, despite the issues associated with them, I find auto seatbelts awesome (but then again I'm too young to have developed a hatred for them)

Just take it in. Wont hurt to try.

Most likely they won't help you but since it's a seatbelt thing you never know Forum Index -> Interior/Exterior/Electrical
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