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North Florida meet

I have thinking lately about trying to arrange one sometime either before or after the Christmas holidays. I would like for some of you florida/georgia guys to give me a hand..
I was thinking some where in jacksonville, or even hell, in my home town Fernandina...
I figured we could find a nice place, to grill out, hang out, photoshoot, etc etc....Be the "North florida sedan meet" welcoming more cars than our EF/ED sedans.

If anyone is actually down and willing to commit giving a hand, and planning this, that would be great.......I havent met any other sedan owners on here in person

Ill help you set something up!  Very Happy

How bout Hanna Park. .

There is a lot of space. . grass parking. . grill / cook out spots. . it is just $3.00 to get in. . keeps the riff raff out. . .

that could be would definatly be nice to get something together.....all the meets in jax these days are kind of...ehh wishy washy lol
Im tired of having to drive to orlando to have fun....I figure us north florida guys need a break, and should have people come to us

That's what i am talking about!

haha evan, your just jealous that orlando is more fun than dina lol just lemme know if you end up gettin somethin together and ill swing up there for it

Maybe it does not have to be an all out meet. . but just a small gathering of the florida people. .
I think that would be cool.. just to peep each others sedans and stuff. . .   Rolling Eyes

We need to get something ha..........i havent even met you before John. Forum Index -> Meets/Car Shows/Events
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