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North Fla. Show!

I'm going with my Honda.. It is open to all makes actually!

That flier is sick.

It should be a cool show...On the top floor of a parking garage...NICE!

Well, show was insane....Scions were rolling deep! Easily over 100 cars.

I won for best OLD SCHOOL!  whoo hoo!

It was a clumped class, so i was up against the 1.9 corollas and AE86 Trueno's... I will post some pics later... Gotta work on my other car this morning!

Looking forward to the pictures, i wish we had competitions to enter here.

yeaah man cant wait to see the pics.

better be plenty of pics of your car too =)
i wanna see it.

It was a TOYOTA / LEXUS / SCION show, so, there are a lot of those cars, but here are the ones i liked!

My car was pretty well Guarded..HAHAHAHAHA!

There were a few more VIP Lexus's there but my camera died.

Pictures are not that good of my car.. My camera does not like the dark...

Should get a tripod! Smile

Whats with the guards? lol.

They were patroling the area..Not sure why..they were just there..
The civic pictured won for best engine bay... The thing was clean!

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