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Noob from Southern Africa

Greetings to all. My name is Neil and I had just recently purchased a 91 EF sedan.

She looks half decent from the pic but needs a lot of work and I was hopeing some forum members could help me get her 'neat'

Thanks for looking

..But 91 sedan has different tail lights..

yep even the bumper and moldings look like 88-89s. is this the one that says Ballade in the center garnish?

Welcome looks like a good start.

Yep, on the garnish it reads 'ballade' and here in S.A the 88-89 and 90-91 models barely have any difference

Notice the front of the car is not lined up well?  Any idea how I can get it to sit perfectly straight again?
EF Sedan Enthusiast

Welcome!  Can you post a closer view of the front bumper?

PS.  I would pay good money for a mint BALLAD center garnish  Wink

She's a beauty! Welcome to the site, we will be glad to help your sedan looking even better!

@EF Sedan Enthusiast: Will post a pic of the front & maybe we can swop our center garnish as I would like the civic one Laughing

@EF4lyf3: Thanks man, plans are to straighten the front, full respray, wheels and coilovers. I may sell it though Rolling Eyes some guy I know made a decent offer for it so I dunno

EF Sedan Enthusiast

I have a spare black center garnish that says CIVIC that I would trade you for.  Post a pic of your rear.

Your front end doesn't look good.  Definitely need to involve a body shop.

looks like the hood might be the main reason.

^^ filler pieces look a bit tweaked as well.

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