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ef rt4wd

no spark no fuel 91 ef wagon rt4wd turbo

I have a 91 ef wagovan awd z6 turbo swap... was running one morning  and just died... no spark  no fuel. cranks over but not fire

ill keep adding changes as I go

*brand new HONDA OEM
*main relay
*ignition relay
*all fuse
*fuel pump
*fuse box
*used 3 different ecu that work on my other Honda same motor

if I jump main relay pump kicks on but dnt drop psi... still no spark.

ef rt4wd

no one????/ I live in Hawaii  not much ppl to ask here. any help would b nice.

Sounds either fuse, ECU or random electrical related,

There's a few fuses that effect main relay operation (31, 37, 14, 2). Check the ground on the main relay, (ground g101).

Make sure you're checking the engine bay fuse box and the dash fuse box.

Get a multimeter, and the workshop manual and use the wiring diagrams to chase the wiring and see which component isn't allowing voltage through it when you turn the key to start.

Either google the manual to download it's called 'CRX workshop manual', or PM me your email and i'll email it to you when i get a chance.

pretty sure problem is in the dizzy. I means coil. Forum Index -> General Discussion
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