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no email notifications

Im not getting email notifications anymore.

can someone look into it ?


I'm still getting mine. Maybe your settings?

settings are legit, havent been touched.

Check your profile setting just in case, if that dont work PM the admin! Confused

The site has been a bit glitchy lately.

Double check they're not going to your junk email or similar by mistake.  Also just re-check the notification settings.

I'll take a look around and see what i can find.

junk mail - checked
setting - checked

Still no notifications !  Sad

My last email notification was November 16 2012 !

I have a feeling that maybe the account the emails were sent from is no longer active, and i don't know the password to it, haha.

Bare with me, i'll see if i can get it fixed.

Now it works !   Smile
I got email notifications.

What did you do ?

Magic  Cool

told you admin knows and does all!!!!!!!!! Forum Index -> Site News
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