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what up  peps new to site virgin to the ef sedan build  looking for advice / help have an 89 lx with d16a6 swap looking for help on finding parts glove box aftermarket front lip

Welcome wrecking yards like Pick a part or Ecology will be your best bet for a glove box and you wil half to find a lip off of an Integra, volkswagen,volvo and there are a few more but no matter what you will need to modify a lip to fit.  I hope that helps a little post up some pics so we can see your ride.

cool good looking on the info i herd you can mod a eg lip to fit anyone try this

and does anyone know max off set i can run with out rolling fenders
EF Sedan Enthusiast

Welcome.  Yes, some EG/EK lips can be made to fit.  Not sure on the offset though. Forum Index -> The Intro...
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