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newbie to here from gainesville GA

wats up guys names chris im 16 and i have a ed3 dx that i been workin on since the beginning of the year and i have just fallen in love with them. im also on honda-tech and eastcoast ef civics. ive posted on the ef sedan squad page on honda tech with pics of my sedan and i figured i would join here too. looking forward to being part of the sedan community and learn some stuff i dont know about these beautys! enough talk pics!

dont have most recent pics up but it still basically looks like this
minus the checker tape on the lip and all the stickers on the mirror
and windows except my EFamily one in the back

and minus the tape on the cowl
and i have a shaved y8 valve cover now and the vc and etc is white

and minus the chrome trim on the taillights and it has a hayabusa muffler now

minus the wood vinyl too lol

wat the car used to look like

So thats it! and its my daily so its prolly dirty in some of those pics. leave comments on it positive or negative help me out!
i 3> constructive critisizm

oh yeah forgot something!

the flat black is primer and the car will be getting painted white for a christmas present from my dad sometime around or after the holidays
(dad does bodywork,paint etc.

Welcome it sounds like you're off to a good start.

EF Sedan Enthusiast

Interesting mods.  Keep up the good work. Forum Index -> The Intro...
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