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newbie here

Hi! So i decided to join since i found an actual site dedicated to sedans. Ive been an Honda enthusiast for a long time, and i actually had my first Honda just a year and half ago. A -95 Accord. Since i live in Finland, the promised land of salted roads, it had no wheel arches and the sides had some kind of 2f2f style fiberclass skirts, to hide the rust.

But anyway, for the real thing. My -91 sedan. Originally with d15b2, the previous owner had lovered the car to the max, so the gearbox broke from differential. Made a hude mess to gearbox, so i searched for a new one. Then i said "f*ck it", and bought a Dohc zc engine,gearbox, brakes, trail arms, sway bars and all things necessary for a very cheap prize.

The biggest problem is money for a teenage builder, so progress is slow Very Happy

Welcome! Nice looking sedan, curious wich color you come with.
EF Sedan Enthusiast

No need to apologize.  Glad you found us.  The sedan looks clean considering conditions it's almost 24 or 25 years old.

Thanks! I have had a load of problems with it. When i bought it, the poor thing was mistreated badly. It had 4 different spark plugs on each cylinder ( 1 ,2 and 3 headed plugs). The radiator was busted, coolant wasnt changed for like 10 years, worn out bushings, oil pan was busted (and poorly welded), driveshafts were busted, gas tank leaking, oil leaks from worn gaskets.

but hey, its driven over 217480 miles with 1.5 engine, so its not big news, especially since it wasnt maintenanced properly.

Welcome to the site and I hope you enjoy the build.


that rust on the rear quarter panel is common, mine just started showing signs of cancer this year.

Awesome that your gonna save her, welcome to the site
EF Sedan Enthusiast

That thing needed some major TLC.  Glad you're bringing it back to life.  That's what we live for here  Cool

I have big plans for it. Its not gonna be the typical lowered civic, i want to make a bang with it. Its gonna be a lightweight N/A Kanjo styled street car.

-Rota etc style 15" rims
-toyo r888 tyres
-build engine
-locking diff
-interior stripped of all weight
-(maybe) roll cage
-adjustable camber etc
-boot lid made of fiberclass
-carbon hood and maybe fenders-
262mm brakes to the front
-chipped ecu (not sure if obd0 or obd1 swap)
-B-series adjustable cam gears
-bigger injectors
-walbro fuel pump
-new braided fuel lines
-wideband o2 sensor
-oil temp, oil pressure and water temp gauges to prevent major disasters
-oil catch can to make better engine breathing to a can, and not the intake to prevent the valves getting crap
-adjustable fuel pressure

Some of these parts i have, some i dont

Im gonna build the car that way, if i wanna make stock again from the interior, its possible. Im keeping all the stock parts, and i have a second sedan, which is beyond saving, but interior is in mint condition.

Just thought ill tell what i have in mind Smile

I had a B-series in mind, but i cant get it street legal in Finland, so i had to drop it. Besides, id have to save money a long time for a b engine in here Laughing

Nice man, big plans! Very Happy

thanks Smile Its just the damn winter here in Finland so its freezing cold  Confused A garage where to put the car in build it would be nice, but they are damn rare in this town, where i live.

i changed the engine to the car in summer, outside and in a pouring rain  Very Happy  The electrical work was pretty interesting to do.

And now im workin on my fathers garage (which isnt heated, and there is -15 degrees outside), and he doesnt like that my car takes the space, and his toyota doesnt fit in there  Laughing

I bought another head from a d16a9, and gonna repair it, and enlarge the intake and exhaust ports.

next step is remaking the exhaust, and silencing it. Too loud, and a few leaks.

I was thinking about the color, and been on two sides. Championship white, with a purple decorations (washer, camber arms etc), or milano red, with black washers etc. I have the whole winter to decide so, im in no hurry Very Happy
EF Sedan Enthusiast

Red gets my vote.

Upload some interior pix, curious man!

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