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Newbie from Scotland

Hi everyone, here's my low mileage (39k) 1991 Civic 1.4GL Auto.

I inherited this from my Gran when she passed away, so it's turning out to be a bit of a long term project.

This is how it looked when I got it

I've bought a set of BBS RM split rim alloys for it, and looking for some coilovers and a couple of other bits and pieces, but I'm finding it pretty hard to find anything here.


Welcome to the site

it looks freaking clean and it definetly needs a drop

Welcome to the site, your sedan looks clean it going to look stunning with a drop.

Looks well mate, get some coilovers quick!  Very Happy

welcome... thats a nice start Very Happy

Thanks guys, I have loads of plans for her. Just trying to get it passed the UK MOT test first and get her back on the road. Been in the Garage since the end of may.

That sucks good luck getting back on the road.
EF Sedan Enthusiast

MOT, I don't envy you.  But the sedan looks clean.  Glad you found us.  Looking forward to seeing this sedan progress.

Well, so far I've had some welding done, rear bushes, a brake pipe, 2 seat belts (as the dog chewed them) and rear light wiring as it had corroded. Should be back on the road by the end of the month.

I'm looking for some Amber corner lights and indicators when it's back.
EF Sedan Enthusiast

When I got my most recent sedan the rear seat belts had been chewed by a dog too.

I'll trade you a set of amber corners for yours.

beautiful sedan , the wheels have me drooling so BAD!!!!!!!!!!

love the wheels , also cant wait to see progress

I Love the silver sedans!  They look so sharp to me and my understanding is there aren't many (if any) silver 90-91's in the US, great looking car wish I could snag one just like that.

i have yet to see a silver one myself here in the states

mmm blade silver. I dont think i have seen a 90-91 in the states. I have a blade silver 88 myself (its apex silver now). They are a very rare color though. Only seen 1 other in person and 1 on here.

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