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Newbie from Land of the long white cloud?

Hey Guys,

Names Ben.
Had a good read through the forums as of recently, while I am on holiday in my home country at the moment, in Korea.

I am from New Zealand however, and currently own a bone stock standard JDM EF3 Civic Sedan Si with the D16a9 / ZC Dohc non vtec motor, with 5 speed trans (fairly rare, even for New Zealand).

Had a previous EF sedan, just a single carb 35m automatic model. Have a descent history of owning hondas ever since I could drive.

No photos as yet, and I will re-intro myself once I get home and have access to all my photos etc.

Previously owned:
Basically everything civic wise,

City Turbo II's
EF3 Hatch Civic Si
a few EH9's sedans
EG5 hatch
EK1 hatch
few EK1 sedans
EK3 Vi-RS sedan
EK3 with forged B20 high compression with TWM ITB's - 165kw atw
a few dc2 integra type R's
one of which was a H2B conversion with 159KW atw
GD3 honda fit
CL9 accord euro LS
EF sedan 35m
currently EF3 Sedan Si

I recently crashed my ITR over a massive road island/curb, did damage from the underside of my running gear upwards, smashed my block/gearbox casing etc. Was about 5 month project, and was basically at the stage where I was finally happy with it. approximately a week out from going on Holiday and wrapping up my year at work, it happened, and I decided quick smart to just to strip the car for parts, and recoup cost, and I bid on a White EF3 Civic si sedan on an online auction, $1 reserve, and scored it for around $2000 NZD.

1 owner since import at 55,000ks. Traded back in to the original dealership that sold it originally. Now done 260,000ks, 5 speed, drives all good, but seems to have a few wear and tear/old car issues. I'm fairly happy with the purchase, but I only had the opportunity to drive it for approximately 3 days before I had to leave to head to my home country Korea, to visit family and spend Christmas here.

While spending my time on my holiday, I got bored and couldn't stop thinking about my EF sedan at home! So that is how I stumbled across this forum!

Always loved the EF sedan and always wanted a ZC model, and finally got one. Kinda going back, getting back in to an old school car but I've always had love for the older Hondas more than the new.

Not sure exactly what direction I want to take with this new project, but its a completely stock base to start with, and my main goal is to get it driving like a new car/modern car. (more a resto project that aesthetic/modification project).

Chad Castelo I think it was, his EF sedan was my fav build of all time. When that car was blowing up the internet, was when I originally found my love for the EF sedan chassis!

Now, its Good ol' Steve from Australia Sp33 and John Perez 89civicracer who are still in the game, that motivate me to build a tidy EF sedan!

Welcome!  Can't wait to see pictures.

here are some teasers..
pics from the auction I used to bid for my car.

89' JDM EF3 Si Sedan

EF Sedan Enthusiast

Beautiful sedan!  Must have been an early 90 model that was sold in 89. Forum Index -> The Intro...
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