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Newb, with a car you may remember

Hey all. I have been a lurker here for a while. I got my car a couple years ago from a good friend. (Link to his post about the car.) For a while it was just a daily as is, I loved the car but hated the ZC. However it did its job, and allowed me to work on my k24 ek project.

Well that project is no more, I traded the shell for a CRX and sold the engine to the previous owner of the sedan Smile Its finally time to work on the sedan, let someone else have the ZC and upgrade to a k20 for my daily.

I suck at actually doing builds but I will try and at least post some stuff up. As this is just the welcome thread I'll start a new one for the rest of the deets!

Cheers all, oh and if any of you are on s2ki I have the same handle there!

Happy new year!

welcome, k20 sedan ftw. cant wait, it gonna be fun

Nice  Cool

Welcome cant wait to see this unfold.

welcome, dude! Cool
EF Sedan Enthusiast

Welcome! Always happy to year when sedans end up at a good home.

Welcome to THE coolest sedan site on the web! and that car is going to be incredible Smile Forum Index -> The Intro...
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