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hey wsup guys.

names wilson.
im new to the forum but not new to the honda community

i have NOT YET purchased a civic sedan but have been looking for one.

hopefully some of you guys can guide me in the right direction on what i should be looking for when purchasing a civic sedan.

keep in mind that i plan to purchase one for daily driving purposes and speed is NOT my priority. i just want to keep it clean and simple. (with a limited budget so interchangeable oem parts from another chassis would be lovely)

im not too familiar with the ef chassis so if someone can provide me some knowledge on the differences in 88-89/90-91 body styles, i would greatly appreciate it (ive been googling for a while now and came up with nothing.).

i currently drive a 1998 civic ex turbo.

Welcome to ecfs!!!! There are a few things that are diff, corners lights, tail lights, moldings,dash, front bumper, rear bumper i think, and there are The most common trims DX no Power option, LX Power options and Ex Power options and diff interior and just a few things diff oh and bigger brake setup. As For All The Parts they are mostly All interchangable with little to no modification at All.
Hope this helps


Welcome to the site. To add to whatever has already been said the DX and LX are both DPFI and have a D15b2 engine and the EX is MPFI and has a D16A6. Ex also has the sunroof some LX models came with sunroof but teh DX didnt come with one. The EX also has different headrests. Parts of the DA Integra is interchangeable with the EF chassis. Floor pans are different between the 88/89 and 90/91 chassis though. I have heard that DA6/9 integra seats with fit in a 90/91 and DA3 Integra seats will fit in a 88/89 but i have yet to do it.

Welcome good luck on your search.

thanks guys.

im already looking for parts and have some being sent to my house at the moment.

once tax returns are recieved, the real search and purchase begins.

i am pretty sure i want a LX due to the power options.
im looking for a gas saver so the DPFI would be ideal.

theres something about the factory gold color that attracts my eye.
i hope i can find a gold one when i decide to make my purchase.

so far, all ive seen for sale on the local craigslist are blue Forum Index -> The Intro...
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