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New wheels and some new shots

Got some new wheels right before IA.
Some new pictures of my car and some friends.
A lot of pictures. Enjoy!

On the way to IA.

Thats all for now.

these ef's are dope!

All you guys were missing was a hatch. I like how you mix it up with the wheel color! All of those pictures are sweet.

Thanks guys!

Yeah we have 2 good friends with super nice hatches.
We just couldn't get ahold of them that day. haha

And thanks for the comment on the wheel color.
I was very iffy on what I wanted to paint them.
I was just going to paint them white but my friend with the wagon above convinced me on the color they are.

More Pics of the Wagon! That thing is Beautiful!!!!

The Sedan is looking good too. That thing is DUMPED

Here's the link to his whole build thread.
More pictures on the last few pages I believe.

The sedan is actually raised some.
It used to sit lower and probably will eventually.
Whenever I get around to putting the skid plate back on.

Very bad day today to say the least..
Car got backed into today by the shop next to mine.

Don't mind the date on the picture.
Not my camera. Apparently its hard to set? haha


Sunuvabitch! That's brutal! I did want to thank you for posting these pics of your car though. I have been going crazy trying to figure out if I wanted to tint my windows or not. But I wasn't sure how a light tint would look on a white EF. Looks great! Guess i'll head down to the shop as son as I got the funds.

Great Looking car.. I saw it at IA...
Very clean motor!
Thanks for posting those pics!  Laughing

Yeah it really sucks.. but it will all get worked out.
It just sucks because the car was the original factory paint.
Rust and fairly dent free.

The tint on the windows is 35%. I actually really like it.

Thanks for the comments guys!!

ouch! man i hate to see that last set of pics. What suspension are you running and what size tires are you running?

195-50-15's and I have konis and ground controls with custom extended top hats.

Man I'm so sorry about that. I would've flipped the fuck out if that happened to my car! Hopefully it is repaired to like new condition, and to bad it won't be original paint Sad

you got any info on the top hats, im interested

Yeah sancho it really sucks..
Surprisingly though I was very calm about it.
I think it was just the shock of it all.
The dude is trying to be a cheap as and have someone he knows fix it.
Thats not happening. It's getting fixed and its going to be perfect again.
Minus original paint like you said.  Sad

I don't have a full write up on them. I made them very quickly.
If you have any questions about them just pm me man.

Now you can get the JDM tail lights.... Rolling Eyes  Laughing

^Thats what I said!^

Those pics are fantastic mate. Would you mind if i used one of them on next months websites banner?

Can't believe it got backed into, did you know who did it?

Wouldn't mind at all sp33!

Yeah I knew the guy who hit it.
He has a shop right next to mine that he runs.
Got the quote and everything for it to get fixed.
The guy is being a cheap ass and said it shouldn't be over 300 dollars.
So he's trying to pay it out of his pocket so that his insurance doesn't go up.
The estimate is for 1300. So tomorrow I'll be finding out what hes going to do.

how did you get that low with out any rub when i dumped mine i got a ton of axle rub

Not sure why you have axle rub.
What motor is in it?
I also have the newer hasports and iirc they sit the motor lower than the older ones.
Everything actually has a lot of clearance.

d16z6 with y8 head

Alright. I have a b20 in my sedan and I don't have any clearance issues.
Do both your axles rub or just the driver side by chance?

just the driver side im thinking its the alt im going to change the belt on it for a shorter one.

Could be the axle hitting the alternator.
Probably cause the driverside axle is twice the length of the passenger.
whoa its len 2

Any camber adjustments done? I like how its dumped and the camber isnt all out of whack. Or maybe its the high offset stockies hiding the effect.  Laughing Either way the pics show off a nice stance for that height.  Cool

Nope no camber adjustment. It's all stock suspension components.
Other than the actual strut and spring and tophats.
I don't really like a lot of camber. Just not my taste.
It has some camber. It will probably get adjusted eventually.

ef9racer wrote:
d16z6 with y8 head

Did it have a half shaft?

no half shaft just the long arm but i found it was my alt that was rubbing and fixed it with a shorter belt now no rub.

Glad you got it figured you ef9racer!

Met with an adjuster the other day about the hit.
Looks like everything is going to work out great!
It did total the car though..   Sad
But I'm buying it back and everythings going to get fixed.
Somehow its not going to have a salvage title.
I really stressed that I didn't want one and the guy said it wont.
It's crazy to think that the damage caused by that totalled the car.
It's going to get fixed and I think I'm gonna get the whole car resprayed.
If it's not all original paint then it's going to be all fresh paint!  Smile

Anybody know where I can get a ef2 hood?
Got a few things in motion for jdm front.
EF Sedan Enthusiast

Lovin your sedan and your friends rides.  Sucks that you got backed into but glad that everything is getting worked out.

Thanks man!

So just got home from the body shop.
Here it's 6:30 am. haha
The car is all back to white now and straight as it was!
Went ahead and shaved the antenna and all the badges on the decklid.
I'm beyond pleased with how it all turned out!
I'll be posting pics probably tomorrow of it all back together.
Hopefully getting a new back bumper and tailight garnish tomorrow also!
Joey f.

In for the pics! I'm glad you stuck with the car. Its hard to find clean EFs now a days.

dam that sucks glad it did work out for you post pics of the new paint  Cool

Sorry guys I've been meaning to get new pics.
Things have just been crazy. layed off and stuff.
I've been debating on going jdm front.
I got a set of super clean headlights for dirt cheap.
I'll post pics up sometime soon.
It all just depends on if I can find hood and fenders.
I'll probably go with a ef9 bumper cause I like the look of those better.
I have a major lead on a core support that I think is going to be a decent price too.

cant wait to see new pics of ur car.the wagovan build was great.

Haven't really updated anything lately.
As of right now the car has no motor in it and the dash is out.
I'll be redoing the bay and going with a different motor.
I'll also be buying wheels and possible respray this year.. Forum Index -> Pics & Vids
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