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Icy Ice

New User from Germany

Hi everyone,

after reading and watching here for months I'd like to introduce myself and my new bought sedan Smile

My name is Kay, I'm 29 years old and I life in Germany (approximately 30miles from Stuttgart)  Wink
And this is my car history Smile
My mom had a 89 ED7 with 109hp, and this was my first contact to Honda Smile After that car (I crashed it after I got my drining licence a few months ago) she bought an ED6 with 90hp and automatic transmission love
At the same time I bought my first own Honda. An EC8 (75hp and no features). Then I got another EC8, an ED6 and an ED7 with 110hp. Then I bought a Honda Concerto with 112hp. This was really relaxed to drive, power windows, power steering and power sunroof  Cool
Then I had an '92 Mercedes Benz E190 with 160hp, but the taxes are very high here so I was forced to sell it again. Then I had an '98 EJ9 and now I'm driving an '97 Honda Civic MA9.

A few months ago I bought an ED3 with nearly 83.000km in near mint condition. No rust, no scratches, no bumps  Very Happy
Unfortunately there are no features except the power locks.  Confused
The only thing I found in my left over car parts was an OEM armrest.

Enough talk. Here are some pictures:

Greets Icy

Welcome, that's a clean sedan.  Any future plans for it?

Welcome your sedan is really clean.

Very nice start!! Very Happy

Welcome... clean
Icy Ice

Thank you all for your welcome.

I have no big plans. I prefer to keep the car like it is - original, but I'd like to paint the bumpers and I'm looking for some USDM amber corner lights.
Next year I hope to find a complete aircondition system and I'd like to have some power windows.
I envy you guys in the USA - you got all these nice features that are never been sold in a Civic here in Germany  Confused

Can anybody declare my the functional principle of these automatic seatbelts? I saw them often here in your cars and asked myself how these are working.  Rolling Eyes

Thnx and greets Forum Index -> The Intro...
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