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new to the site

my names nigel im from central New York, ive been into hondas since i was about 13 years old. my older friend ive known my whole life got one and since then ive been hooked. Im gonna be 23 and my profession is an auto technician.

ive had a 90 si hatchback that i recently got rid of due to it being a money pit and not worth it.

now i have a 91 lx with a b16 that i rebuilt, 82mm bore, hondata thermal gasket, gasket matched ports, blox 68mm throttle body, aem fuel rail, blox fpr, rc 270cc injectors, jdm gsr exhaust manifold.

my goal for the car is to make it as clean as possible, yet keep the factory look and feel. body work and paint will be coming up this coming winter

The ad from craigslist when i got it

was at school in cali for a year so progress was slow but this is a year later



thanks, ive been lurkin on the site and finally decided to figure out how to upload pictures and post.

you are in good hands. this site is freaking awesome. The people in here is what makes it all worth it.

You and I have the exact same sedan bud. Let's see what you make of the color. I'm going black on brown all the way and so far she's coming super clean. Welcome to the site, if you need any help please don't be a stranger. Very clean and once again welcome to the site.

im going to match the body to the bay. its a factory bmw color sepang bronze metallic. its really a awesome color in person. i would love to either find a brown crx dash to match my interior which i think is nearly impossible. or do black dash/door panels. i had a crx dash in my hatchback and i loved it

and thanks! i hope i meet some good people, it feels good getting away from honda-tech lol

love it, welcome to the site man.

Yea, honda-tech is a tool shed for sure.

4dred6 wrote:
love it, welcome to the site man.

welcome an love the ride, why u get rid of the pink rims? id rock them Very Happy

Welcome lookin good.
EF Sedan Enthusiast

Looking good dude. Thanks for sharing. I'm looking forward to seeing what you make of it.

welcome to efcs, looking good, ! Forum Index -> The Intro...
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