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New to the game

How's it going?
I have an '88 EF Civic Sedan. It is my Daily/Project Car.
I have just jumped into the car enthusiast game and I am having a blast learning about it all.
My car is still practically stock. The two things that have changed on it is the exhaust (The original fell off) and the springs have been cut (Previous Owner.) As I said, it is my Daily/Project, so I do have plans of modifying it. I am starting with the suspension (It is in terrible need of some new ones), I plan on getting coil overs, and lowering it to about three inches off the ground. Then my next goal is to replace the engine. Right now it has a D15B2 sitting in it. I am not entirely to sure as to what I want to replace it with, but more than likely it will be a B16. (Also changing it from an automatic to a manual) The third goal for it is a complete over haul on the exterior. It was originally silver, but with age it has faded to around three different colors. I most likely will redo the silver. Then the fourth stage will be new rims and tires. I am currently interested in something that is five spoked and bronze (Dark Bronze.) Then the fifth and final goal will be to redo all of the interior. The carpet is pulling back at all of the corners.
This is my first Project Car, and I plan on having fun.


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