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new to site from nc

What's up everyone im C.J. new to the site not hondas lol just picked up my first sedan. Its a 90 lx have big plans.  for the moment all stock motor wise  Sad  but im fine with that right now.  Working on the body and suspension will upload pics and show progress as it comes along. Let me know if there are any sedan meets in nc
EF Sedan Enthusiast

Welcome!  Looking forward to seeing some pix and seeing what you make of it.

Welcome to efcs pics asap lol.

Welcome cant wait to see some pics.

Well this week I have gotten most of the body work done and primerd still have a few spots I needa work out.  Coilovers where also installed now I just need to get rid of the shitty steelies.  Ill post more picks after I clean it up and and put rims on going to junk yard trying to find some old bbs's! !  And a new lip I don't like the accord one I put on

EF Sedan Enthusiast

Off to a good start.

That color looks pretty cool. Like a olive drab type military color.

Yea color dosent look to bad  did my old eg same color.  Well update ! driving around testing suspension and no clutch pedal when I get few blocks away.   Mad. Get back home by rev matching look and shift cable snapped. Got a new one from Crx today and back on road .. junk yard didn't have any good wheels so im going to pick up my old del sol fat fives from my brother and throw them on for now

Looks good man.  What year Accord is that lip off of?   I like the look of that one.

Came off a 93 I think only had to cut inch 1/2 off both sides

Nice thanks.

damn if you had some old school 13 inch hub caps ur sedan would look exaclty like mine lol

Been a little bit sense I've done anything. Just picked up some bmw bottle caps for 75 bucks . In the middle of fully polishing them will post pics .

have been trying to get some work done on the sedan but its been cold last few weeks here is the progress so far.

BMW bottle caps pollished

Didnt come out as pollished as i liked so will be doing them again, ill post pics of them mounted on car in week or two.

Ive been pretty lazy and had a oil leak around dizzy and valve cover so went to auto store and picked up valve cover gasket, oil pan gasket, dizzy gasket , and oil filter and oil , and synchromesh trans fluid. and bother gave me full energy hyper flex bushing kit he had for his crx. Cool

so i got to work this morning on the sedan got all bushings installed on the front, oil changed gaskets put on , then pain in the ass fill bolt for trans was stripped all around so couldnt remove  Evil or Very Mad  .. so i had to remove reverse sencor on front of trans to fill with fluid..

few pics

most people say when installing the bushing set from energy dont use the balljoint boots because the suck ( dont sit well dont hold greese , but i had no problem packing with greese and the sit flush so i think they will work fine ..

i really need to presher wash the underside of car alot of caked on dirt

will have more pics soon of rear.

inside shot of car after cleaning it for hours but looks good . also installed old deck and short shifter and shift knob

drilled and slotted rotors next!!!



Welcome man i love the color and what part of nc u from

I lived in charlotte but just moved to candor nc about hour and half away.

Nice work man.


Cool man maybe we can get up sometimes.In the summer we have weekend meets we get a good turn out about 60 plus cars at local cookout

Yea sounds good man. I've been up to the concord cookout meet before in my old del sol probably seen it around


Yea i prob seen it idk wen u came but the turnouts have gottin bigger Forum Index -> The Intro...
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