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New to forums and site all the way from Dallas Texas

My first time trying on a forum I'm all thethe way from dallas texas
i own a 1990 sedan which is my doily driver love it never gave me a problem got her for $500 and has been my best investment so far important 22 years old and i love honda's  important New to forums never really like them but im giving it another shot and see how it goes i also wanna know how to get a pixel art of my car made that would be awesome anyways my name is Art so hello  Very Happy [/b]

Welcome this was my first forum site also and been on a few since and this has been by far the best.  Enjoy the site there are a lot off good people on here with a lot knowledge about ef sedans.

Hey how do you get the pixel art of your car
EF Sedan Enthusiast

If you look around the forum there's a thread on is somewhere.  I'd find it right now but I'm about to jump into a meeting.

Welcome though.  I'm all the way down in Houston  Razz

Any pix of your sedan?

EF Sedan Enthusiast

Looking good.  Would you drive down to Houston for an EF meet?

Very cool looking!!

And welcome to the site

Nice ride man.

Idk maybe cause Im always busy so i don't go nowhere just here around Dallas mostly
around what month did you have in mind for the meet?
EF Sedan Enthusiast

Spring time probably.  I'll keep you updated.

Ok cool

Art, your car has flavor. I love the fender and spoiler, the hood, and the basket. Im about 1.5-2 hours from Shreveport, LA. Welcome.

Thanks bro

Welcome.... Im from dallas myself... Have seen a few sedan but havent had a chance to talk to anyone.... If you ever need help or spare parts I have a spare parts car and plenty of spare stuff layin around and could help out

Welcome... I found my car base online and then I played a little bit with paint.. Forum Index -> The Intro...
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