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new to forum

hello everyone new to the forum nice to meet you all.
this is my ef sedan. [img][/img] [img][/img]

i got it a little over a year ago bone stock. i lowered it with coilover sleeves. added headlights and that was it for then until i got into an accident. [img][/img] i took my car everywhere even had fun in the snow. and i was not about to throw it all away. so i decided to fix it [img][/img]

and this is where it stands now. i have my parts orded abnd hope to have my car completly restored really soon. its nice that there are others that love ef sedans as much as i do![/img]

I guess the concrete pole did the trick


Welcome. Gl with getting her back on the road.

Looks like you did very well fixing her my friend. Welcome to the site and we can't wait to see more of this!

Welcome looks like she's on the mend good.

welcome, pics on the first post aren't working for me.  or are they the ones that droopy posted. Forum Index -> The Intro...
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