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new sedan owner here

whats up everyone.  i just bought an 89 sedan lx.  it only has 38,000 original miles on it.  it also has power steering, power windows and power locks.  the interior is a little dirty but it is near flawless.  the only thing i dont like about it is that its blue.  i only paid $500 for the car cause it has several issues.  

issue 1  the auto tranny feels like your driving over rumble strips when it shifts into 2nd gear.

issue 2  the engine started sucking water into the engine and im pretty sure it over heated.  head might be warped.  i took the head off and the head bolts were not torqued correctly and after looking at the head, several of the valves are not sitting all the way down in the seat.

so with a bad engine (or atleast the head is bad) and with a tranny that his issues, ive been thinking about doin a mpfi and a 5spd swap.  

i have a few questions to ask. ive been doing a lot of searching and havnt been able to find many answers yet.  

with the tranny i was told to do a fluid flush with the honda specific trans fluid.  i would like to try and keep the car an auto so my wife can drive it too. so here is my question.  since i am doing the mpfi swap i know i have to use a different ecu.  it looks like the PS9 ecu is for the 1.6 auto.  from what i have seen so far that is only for a 90-91 sedan.  is that correct or will that ecu work for 88-89 also?

do they make other color of interior for the sedans other then blue?  id really like to have black interior.

i have other questions but ill ask them later.

Welcome,  the pm9 will work on mpfi swaps on 88-91 auto swaps and yes there are number of differant colors of interior including black.  Lets see some pics.




Did you find that car in a time capsule?! That thing is immaculate!

Very good looking car there pal.

thanks.  from what i was told by the owner when i bought it is that his grandma was the original owner and she bought it brand new.  she also kept it in her garage for 15 years with out moving.  

im sure the engine and tranny have their issues because it sat for so long.  the engine could have been from the dumbass mechanics that just replaced the head gasket less then 5k miles ago.  

my uncle works at the shop that did the last oil change on it and it was on dec30 of 2009.  the service sticker was in the windshield.  lol  and when the oil change was done then it had 32k miles on it.

89 LX SOHC ZC wrote:
Welcome,  the pm9 will work on mpfi swaps on 88-91 auto swaps and yes there are number of differant colors of interior including black.  Lets see some pics.

i just looked up the pm9 and it says its for the STD and its a 1.5 DPFI.

Looks new !

lol it pretty much is on the outside and inside the car.  engine and tranny you think would run like new but not so much.  lol

That body looks flawless!!!

Sorry man my bad its the PS9 you need.

i found a guy sellin a PS9 on HT but he isnt responding to any of his messages.  

If anyone knows anyone selling a PS9 then have them contact me please.
Edison Carasio

Very clean!  Would love to have this over my crust rust bucket.  Welcome.

Super clean man!

Old ladies garage = Time capsule

Found a 2g prelude a while back that an older couple had owned since it was new with 70k original miles. Wish i would have had the money to pick it up.

ok so i decided to install a y8 head.  i got it all on last night.  also installed a new water pump and i had to buy a new timing belt since the 2 i already had didnt work.  

the new water pump got rid of the bad bearing noise in the other pump.

now i have a new problem.  there is a miss on the #3 cylinder and its only at low rpms.  i checked spark from the cap to the plug and there is plenty.  so what i think ill do is change the plug wire out and see if that works.  i am also gonna do a compression test.  im thinking if it has bad rings then when it revs up it will gain the compression but lose it when it revs down.
EF Sedan Enthusiast

Welcome!  Good luck getting the mechanical issues sorted.  If you ever want to sell, please contact me.

i got the miss figured out, i forgot to hook up a vacuum line to the brake booster from the cruise control. im not sure how that cause it to miss but i plugged it in and the idle smoothed out and now it runs perfect.  no missing or  missing anti-freeze.  

flushed the trans fluid several times and it did help with the shifting in all gears but it didnt fix the rumble shifting into 2nd gear.  i drove it to work today which is about 30 miles from my house and other then the 2nd gear not shifting right, it drove perfect.  

im also trying to figure out why both fans kick on when the engine is barely warmed up.  i have a hunch its the temp sending unit.  so right now im waiting for the car to cool down t hen ill drain the anti-freeze and change it.  i might also go ahead and change the thermostat too while the coolant level is low, just to be on the safe side.
EF Sedan Enthusiast

Good stuff man!  Sounds like you know how to work on cars too.  Always a plus.  

Carfax is in.  No accidents & last reported mileage was 22165.

Ya i know how to work on cars.  about the only thing i cant do is weld, dismount tires and custom exhaust.  only because i dont have the machines to do it.

Man O man are you one lucky MOFO! Congrats and welcome!

nice ride dude, like the white color sedans! Forum Index -> The Intro...
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