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New Nor Cal member 89 LX

Hey folks, nice to be here. Great to see a dedicated forum for my car. I am sure it will be a great resource for me. Picked up my car about 3 weeks ago so not much has been done. I love these older boxy Hondas so this is a great match for me.

I have owned 2 94 hatchback's LS/GSR type of deal. I have also owned a 88 CRX SI. This is my first sedan, tho I do not know why. The car is great. The car is in less than stellar condition and its still feels pretty nice.

I recently sold my truck and picked this up to save for a wedding next year. So my build will be mostly about looks, reliability and fuel mileage. Look forward to talking with y'all.


Welcome looks like a clean sedan.

Thank you, its ok. It is deff a clean start. Im sure once I give her a good wash/clay/wax shell pop a bit more.

Welcome... Thats a nice start Forum Index -> The Intro...
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