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New Mini Ef Sedan Project

Well the thought has been in the back of my head for awhile now, and after talking with Anthony(Ef4lyf3) bout it, im doing it. The project is gonna take awhile but I have all summer Smile. Now to the project haha gonna be makin a Mini Ef Sedan, using light weight steel tubing for the frame re-inforced in certain areas with angle iron, now that frame is takin care of, off to suspension. Now ive seen some pretty good and strong bike shocks and motorcycle shocks that are adjustable, so that I can raise and lower the ride height. And the heart of it will be a customized 5hp Honda motor, with custom intake and exhaust, yes exhaust will be coming out the back like it would on a car, will have working tail lights,headlights and turn signals. The hardest part will be the actual body, gonna go with fiber glass but molding it will be a lil tricky but will get done, will have 1 functional door, but the body will be like a RC car body held on by hood pins in front and 2 bolts in rear where costum sized plate will be. now im in the works of 3d images of frame work and body so gimme so time to get a rough draft program up and I will post the pics. Now if anyone has any suggestions im totally open to them Smile

Why don't you go with a larger honda motor? Like one out of an enduro type motorcycle?  That way you could support a charging system. Just my thought.

hmmm good idea, like I said im open to suggestions, and need a motor platform in order to do rendering of frame, which also need program to do

I like this idea! except I am going to build this on my racing go-cart frame! Surprised  Slicks and power! Shocked

lol im doin a custom frame to fit motor, plus need custom frame for adjustable suspension Smile

that's cool! Very Happy Let me see how you are going to do you body though sometime so I can figure it out! Laughing Forum Index -> General Discussion
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