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New member with a 1990 ED3!

Greetings all. My name is Joe and I own a 1990 ED3 Sedan. Glad to see a forum just for our cars! I have alot a pictures to upload so I'll just get to it!

First day I had it!

Engine tear down because it smoked quite badly.

Old engine out!

Stupid exhaust.

Nailed a D series header and lightweight flywheel for $35!

Found a complete engine for $80. Smile

When I took the tranny off I noticed I needed a new throw out bearing return spring.

Going in!

My buddy Barry helping me with the engine!

Engine started, ran rough for a little while and cleared out. The engine sat for a few years. But it runs GREAT! No smoke, runs smooth, steady pull through out the RPM range etc etc.

The same night I got it running, I was driving it for about 10 minutes until the car died. And I couldn't start it. Towed it home and looked over everything spark and fuel related the next day. When I took the distributor off this is what I found.

I remember it only had one tooth to begin with but I couldn't afford another distributor at the time so I used it, obviously it didn't hold.

And here is the piece I found when I took my valve cover off. Thank god it didn't find it's way into a combustion chamber.

My other buddy Mike told me you can take that piece off of the distributor and replace it with another from another distributor, luckily he had 3 distributors just for parts, so he gave me one. I put it on and it ran just fine. Smile

Doing a little work on the steering column.

New plugs!

Took the back window tint off and cleaned the car.

Needed a new passenger side rear hub.

Slowly cleaner! Razz

Me cleaning the beast!

And now the most recent pictures I have with some GSR blades on it. Very Happy Notice the plate? Wink

I also recently got a gauge cluster from an HF, with a tach. Smile

I'll be taking more pictures sometime soon. I guess when I'm not to lazy. lol. Also, I found all the side moldings I need so they will soon be on the car, which will do away with my OCD because I can't stand not having all the moldings. Hope you enjoyed the pictures guys! Nice to be apart of the forum!

Welcome looks like you're off to a good start.

That paint is a good looking color.
my favorite part about the hf tach is that the "red" area is vtec-revlimit for a z6 swap! Boy its fun to bury that needle.

Welcome... And you are in Florida Also! AWESOME!

lol man I also love the hf cluster. Car looks really clean tho, the paint is damn good.

welcome, nice blue color ... like it much


Another another fan of that colour  Cool

Thanks for the warm welcome guys!

Props on the car man. Glad you got rid of the fart can. I never liked those on the sedans. Good luck and looking forward to seeing more.

Never thought that blue would look good on that car, but I have been proven wrong. I just have never been able to picture it.
All in all it looks great man.
EF Sedan Enthusiast

Welcome!  Glad you found us.  So glad to see you saving this sedan.  Keep up the good work and keep us updated Very Happy Forum Index -> The Intro...
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