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New Member Here!

Hello everyone! I am Alexandro. I am newbie here. Loving the cars. The design of your car exposing your status. I have ef sedan(In white color):

I like this forum too much. I found a lot of informative ideas regarding my car. So, I have decide to join this forum. I hope my stay on this forum really good and according to my expectation.

Your car is very clean bud, welcome to the site! There are a lot of individuals on here that know more than a thing or two about these sedans so feel free to ask anything and an answer shall be given. What do you have done to the whip? What are your plans and what's your location
EF Sedan Enthusiast

Any pix of your sedan?

Thanks everyone...nice to meet with you...

Welcome that's a good lookin sedan.

89 LX SOHC ZC wrote:
Welcome that's a good lookin sedan.

welcome to the site man
really clean sedan you have there
and future plans?

Welcome. Clean start Forum Index -> The Intro...
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