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New member from seattle

Whats up guys, my names Brandon. Newish to the JDM scene, and just picked up a 91 DX sedan. About 190k on the stock d15b2, but was maintained like a baby). Pick her up from a sweet older lady that has a love for hondas as well for $900. Just needed a fuel pump and started right up. Got BIG plans for her! Wanna make a show worthy DD out of her. Z6 swap in the future, new paint, suspension, shoes, body parts ect ect ect I could go on forever you guys know how it is. It has an aftermarket sunroof which usually spells disaster but this one was done rightish, catback exhaust and some really badly scraped rims. Not bad for 9 bills huh? Heres some pics!  


New here also but welcome nice sedan

Welcome to the site! you know Gavin? he's over in your parts..  Very Happy
EF Sedan Enthusiast

Welcome!  Love the red/black!

Welcome looks like a good place to start. Forum Index -> The Intro...
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