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new member cali

sup guys im new here dont hav a sedan yet but really wanting one i drive an ej8 really clean and tastefully modded w only legitt jdm/oem parts new sittin on some blitz type 01rs mayb looking for trade ....only a super clean sedan w semi low miles no beaters!!!thanx u can hit me up for pics or contact 760 937-1478

Welcome good luck on your search for a sedan.

welcome, hope you find a nice and clean sedan
EF Sedan Enthusiast

Welcome.  Have you looked at any sedans?  Post a pic of your EJ8.

omg ive been looking at sedans for over a year and cant get enough want one bad i actually have my ej8 up for trade on here on the for sale thread soo if u kno anyone willing to trade mayb a lil cash on top im down!!! ef sedan enthuasiast are u the guy on youtube doing th e $50 paint job???
EF Sedan Enthusiast

What about the silver LX for trade?

pErFu2m is the mastermind behind the youtube channel you speak of.

Idk the outside looks decent but would hav to swap out front n rear seats for newer pair i would hav to put alot of $$$ into it to get it where i want it ... Engine bay ,suspention , body , exhaust and interior i wouldnt do a straight trade mayb cash on his end? Im still looking though everyday on cl nwp honda tech auto trader and here Forum Index -> The Intro...
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