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new guy with a ef :) from the s.bay area,ca

Was up.I just got.myself a nice clean Ef sedan 1.5 stock.waiting on my check to slap a cold air intake and some headers..but I started working on the looks tho new back speakers lowered it (loving the low life) n of course some stickers to make it JDM lol Haha but I'm going to be needing some help on where I can get a lip and visors.

Welcome glad you found us.

I love the fact when I entered the web site the banner photo is same car as.mine gives my ideas ha any idea when my avatar will be up n running

welcome.. now post pics or GTFO!!

LOL.. Razz

most popular lips are from older volvos, integras, and jettas/golfs .. i personally wanted to be different tho, so i snagged one from a mkII passat for mine. haven't seen another ef with it yet.

as for spoilers, i like the bmw 3series style lip ones.. if i didn't have my luggage rack, that's what i would have


Thanks to all n I alreAdy upload a picture of it in one of the forum but here another..but yea thanks Il be looking up those lips..

looks clean  Smile

good looking sedan you've got there, some more pics? Forum Index -> The Intro...
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