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New guy from the beehive state...

Hey all just wanted to introduce myself, my name is Joel I'm 27 from good ol' Utah(non-mormon!). I'm a recovering bboy addict and often relapse into ritualistic battle dancing against other grown men and women... Been a bboy for 13yrs and am nearing retirement but like all of you I have a love for the 88-91 Civic sedan and Hondas in general. I'm also a father of 3 kids and 5 vehicles currently. I'm an Electrician by trade but have recently started a small honda auto repair business locally. I have a few cars I've been attempting to "build" over the years but like most of you I've changed jobs, purchased a home, and fathered children which hasn't exactly left me as much time as I once had to tinker with the wips. I stumbled across this site many times for different info over the years an never registered but now that I'm certain I'll own at least one sedan for life I decided to come out of the shadows. I look forward to meeting some of you at meets or here online. So with that out of the way, here's a few pics of the sedans I've built or owned in the last few years... Cheers!

Soon after I kept picking them up like wounded animals trying to help as many as I could and improve the old school scene around me which is still flooded with 92+ models stanced and sticker bombed to shit.

Even managed to find a unicorn... Still regret selling this one!

The day I brought it home...

After tein street dampers and 01 civic se wheels.

I sold it with the suspension and immaculate interior for $1700...

Soon after my son was born in 2010 and I took a break from cars. Wasn't a long break tho, I used the funds from some of my sold projects to put a nice down payment on a house. I couldn't wait to fill up the driveway lol.

Sold the gray one to buy two other sedans, one of which I already owned a few yrs earlier(gold). It had a bad dizzy and sat a while before I recovered it. I also found a red 91 lx in nearly perfect shape, with mint interior. I've always wanted a red sedan to match my 87 and 97 hatchbacks so I picked it up without hesitation. So this is my current situation...

I'm in no way a baller but I do buy rare parts and cars if the price is right. I have collected quite a few treasures during my years of being a Honda enthusiast and plan to put together at least 3 of my cars this year. Im not a fan of trends and feel that oem is perfect so most of my cars get restored to original shape before I "mod" them. I love oem lol.

WELCOME!  Laughing

Welcome. Man you've owned a collection of nice sedans. Never seen one with the special edition wheels, looked proper Cool. What kind of parts have you been collecting?
EF Sedan Enthusiast

Glad that you've finally joined us. It always nice to have someone on board who has a true appreciation and understanding of our little sedans.  Anymore pix of the red one?

Welcome looks like a nice collection of cars.

89 LX SOHC ZC wrote:
Welcome looks like a nice collection of cars.

X2  Very Happy

Appreciate the warm welcome. I'll be starting a build thread once I get a break from work and the frigid Utah winter. I wish I had as many nice parts as some of you guys do lol as of right now I have a leather arm rest from a 93 teg, audio console, chrome luggage rack, and misc new oem replacement parts. I'm still undecided if I'm gonna keep the oem interior or switch it out for the Acura EL front and rear seats in my other car. I'll be focusing on the gold sedan for a bit.

I'm currently looking for an air refiner in working shape if anyone has any leads? Ive also been searching for a gathers media tuner for quite a while also...

I'll be waiting for that build thread  Very Happy

Welcome!! Smile

Very warm welcome! Glad to see another true enthusiast join the board. Love the collection and cant wait to see the build thread!!! Very Happy

welcome man
nice collection of sedans

thanks again for the welcome.

I just returned from St Louis around midnight last night and was very pleased to see no new snow at my house. Spent about an hour getting the cars running and moved around, I think tomorrow ill get the garage cleaned and start prepping the gold sedan for a quick respray this next weekend. Forum Index -> The Intro...
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