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New guy from Reno, NV

Hey whats up, name is Nik. I live in NV i just picked up this 89 EF about two months ago, its still completely bone stock it only had 80,000 miles on the original motor (thought it was pretty good) its my first car im learning as i go. Have some plans for it, try to keep it clean the picture ill post is when i first got it was from a camera phone. If anyone lives in Reno or close let me know, I have yet to find any import guys here mostly just V8's. Nice to meet you guys Smile

Welcome good lookin sedan.

thank you sir. i plan on doing koni yellows with ground control coil-overs for suspension and im not really sure about exhaust yet. Any suggestions? Ive looked into a few and i know i need a perforated core muffler i think.

Welcome. I like the color

thanks man, i like it too most people hate it but oh well. its unique Ive not seen another sedan with that color.

Im a huge fan of the cream color myself.

as am i, im going to need to re paint it eventually but that wont be for a while. But i hate watching the hood oxidize it bothers me lol.
EF Sedan Enthusiast

Welcome! Are you sure it's an 89?  Also big fan of YR-88 Wink

haha thanks, umm i am pretty sure it is that's what the DMV told me i have questioned it myself. how do i tell?? Laughing
EF Sedan Enthusiast

You can tell by your VIN.  Don't post it, but look up ways to figure it out.  The DMV can be wrong.

alright i will Smile thank you for the tip. Forum Index -> The Intro...
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