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New guy, few qs

Just wanted to introduce myself, Im new to the Honda world but not the car world. My DD has been a 1966 Ford Mustang but due to the rising thefts of them in my area, Ive decided its time to fix and get my 'ol Honda going.

Well long story short, I have a 1990 civic sedan that had smog issues when I was 15 and never wanted to deal with it. Back then I was very naive of the smog nazis and if I knew then what I do now, this car wouldnt have sat for the past 5 years.

The car has a d16y7 and is an automatic. Its been years since I even sat in the car. It runs perfectly fine but after years of sitting and taking things apart I have a few questions.

Also, I just want to make this car stock because it will be my DD and will save me a ton on gas. With that being said I want to take the muffler off it has now and put it to stock, and sell the rims on it now for some stock steelies.

Currently is getting bad gas mileage (238 miles on a tank Shocked ). I have changed the simple things: oil, fuel filter, spark plugs look almost new, topped off all fluids.

I also noticed that on the freeway it revs a bit over 3k at this normal?

I dont think its the injectors but I wouldnt know unless I look at them I assume. Fuel pump?

Any help is appreciated, thanks


Some pics


A number of things can be giving you bad mileage:

- Have a tuneup completed, cap, rotor, plugs, wires, air and fuel filters, PCV Valve, adjust ignition timing, change Oxygen sensor.

- You have large heavy rims

- Car is automatic so it gets worse mileage than a manual

- Your car is very high, which grand alot of air under it on the highway, which is not very aerodynamic. Lower it to reduce underbody airflow

- You also could have a small fuel leak somwhere ?

^ what he said plus it will look better  Very Happy

Thanks guys! Yea Im currently looking for some nice simple 15" stock rims, these are not exactly my taste.

Timing, wires, cap, rotor are good. I have not changed the PCV valve yet or the o2 sensor. Been reading up on the symptoms on the o2 sensor and it could be the culprit, but not sure unless I go ahead I change it.

Its funny you mention the fuel leak because I had a weird, smoky kind of smell (although it didnt smell like gas) coming from the passenger side of the engine bay. I changed the fuel filter two days ago and that smell is gone.

I do need to get new suspension too

Regardless, the 02 sensor is probably 21+ years old now !

Thats probably true haha. They are fairly cheap, $34.99 for a brand new one and Ill go ahead and get the PCV valve. Something has got to be it!

Thanks again guys, Ill chime back in with the aftermath.

1990civic wrote:
Thats probably true haha. They are fairly cheap, $34.99 for a brand new one

Get an OEM 02 sensor not aftermarket same as a catalytic converter.

How much do those usually run for? Im seeing extremes in prices, from $20 to $189.99

My cat is also fairly new, but then again you never know Sad Forum Index -> General Discussion
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