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Eternal Fixation

New from the Gulf Coast of MS

Yep, I'm here.  My name is Jeremiah and I just purchased a 1991 Honda Civic EX.  I have had a bunch of CRXs in my life and this is now my second EF2.  I was proud to find my beauty close enough to me and at a great price.  I'll post pics soon.

About me...  I live in Mississippi, am married, and work with the youth group at my church.  I love life and love cars, but I love Jesus Christ more Smile  Thats about it for now.  If you wanna know something, just ask.

Welcome cant wait to see pics.
EF Sedan Enthusiast

Welcome, any pix of this sedan or of your past projects?

Praise God man, nice find. Cant wait for pics. Cool to see another car/Jesus freak on here. Welcome btw lol
Eternal Fixation

pics are coming. I've been on a crazy schedule lately. But I haven't forgotten about em. thanks for all the welcomes. Forum Index -> The Intro...
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