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New from MN

Hello all,

My wife and I just bought an '89 DX auto with just 61k original miles.  Inside is nearly mint... the outside is pretty dinged up and a little rusty.  The plan is to clean it up a little bit and drive it so I don't have to keep filling the tank on my RX8 all the time, then hopefully someday after I get my Rabbit project finished I'll swap for a manual trans.

No pictures yet but so far I've popped a couple of dents out of the roof (I think at one point it may have been used as a trampoline), pulled about $6 in change out of the car and found a sweet polka tape to jam to on the original tape player.

Anyway, I plan on hitting the junkyard this weekend to try and find a taillight and sidemarker light.  I know the 90-91 lights are different than my 89, but if I can't find an 88-89 in the yard can I make the later stuff work?  I know the yard in question has at least one 90.

First of all welcome to the site and good luck with your new toy.

In order to make 90-91 side marker work on your 89 Civic you have to change the headlight buckets as well. the actual headlights are the same but the metal buckets are diferent.


Welcome.... I think it would be easier and cheaper to just buy ebay ones

Thanks for the replies.

I'll keep an eye on ebay but that's about 3 times the price I can get them for in the local yard.  Unfortunately all they have right now is hatches and one 91 sedan.  I did at least score the under taillight trim in the right color for $5.  Sadly the trunklid was almost as dented as mine but rustier.

I elected not to get the lights because I'm lazy.  Thanks for the heads up Projekt_ED3.

I also found out that one of the steelies isn't holding air because of corrosion so it's time to decide on new wheels.  I've been offered 14s, 15s or 16s of unknown style and a set of factory 97 civic coupe rims (16?).  Decisions...

15s look really good on our cars. factory 99 si wheels are what im gonna throw on my ride

Personally i think 14s and 15s look good on EFs but i think 16s are a little big. I bout amber corner and bumper lights for my sedan off ebay because my corners were all messed up and had holes from rocks in them when i bought the car. They werent too expensive and all four of them came in a set. Forum Index -> The Intro...
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