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New from Central Cal

hey guys my name is jon and im a long time member and owner of a crx hf,  just got a 89 lx 5speed the other day, runs, passed smogged and everythings original on it. body is in need of love but runs good. i have a crx hf and now i have a son and been looking for a 4dr to take him around in and finally got one.

lol nice stock shocks with what looks like ebay coilovers and only on the fronts hah

got a clicking drivierside axle that needs to be replaced, and the door attachment is fubar'd

im guessing re weld it back up?

Welcome looks like a nice starting point.

thanks! i love the car, so much more comfortable compared to my 88 hf hah. only problems i have are no power locks, and being a slug for acceleration hah.

i got a spare a6 engine, a sohc non vtec zc in my crx that i could swap in the sedan. will any of these let me keep the power steering in the car?
EF Sedan Enthusiast

Welcome!  Hope you keep it clean.  The engine bay looks very tidy.

well my crx went down so the sedan gets all the suspension goodies Smile


Looks good.
EF Sedan Enthusiast

Agreed  Very Happy

looks so good on K1's Forum Index -> The Intro...
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