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New From CA

so my dad bought this EF 6 year ago with around 125,xxx(151,xxx now) its an automatic all stock except for rims witch i think r too big intake and EK side skirts (i installed today) the car interior is in good condition for its age its also salvage tittle reason why because it was in an accident(the hit was on the front and right back but been fixing since then. right now still needs body work but fixing little by little feel free to tell me what you think.
here r some pics


What decal is that on the gas tank?

Welcome looks like good start.

Bertrand wrote:
What decal is that on the gas tank?
the decal is a fox sticker i got for free like 2 year ago  at the fox store and is still there

helloooooooooooo and welcooooooooooome Forum Index -> The Intro...
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