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need some help gonna be going from automatic to standard?

wats all i need to do this ima be going cable tranny not hydro?
Edison Carasio

Shift linkage
Manual ECU so you don't throw a code
Pedal assembly from a manual car
Clutch cable
Wiring to wire up reverse lights
some sort of metal to weld over hole in your floor where the auto shifter was since it is bigger than a manual shifter.  So exhaust fumes and heat and such don't leak into your car.

Think that's everything.

aye boss so whats ur number
Type-S EF

Axles are same
nuts and bolts to hold rear shifter bushing to floor
manual front, rear and passenger side mounts
i used a die cutter to get through the firewall, leaves a clean flat hole with no burrs

dont forget flywheel and clutch, and an alignment tool (comes with new clutch kit)

use this link this is what i used as worked perfectly from begininng to end!!!!

u wanna sell your auto tranny when you do the swap? Forum Index -> Drivetrain
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