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Need help with my dx

Aight so I bought a dx a few months ago not knowing it was running on three cylinder so some guy I know tells me to replace the head and he just happend to have so I changed and it was running perfect for a while till the pin that hold timing belt gear in place snapped and fucked everything so I go to the same guy and he tells me he'll swap a extra d15 he had into my car for 200 so I said go for it well I get the car back and it ran good for about day then it started smoking from under the hood and it melted my spark plug wires anyone have any ideas what I should do besides whoop his ass

I'd really appreciate it thanks

Don't want to be an asshole but why don't you just do it yourself
I did my first swap by myself not having Internet acces, just basic
tools.  Is not hard at all, but if you just can't, take it to a legit shop.

I think "Whoop his ass" is the best idea, a side idea would be to do some really good research and diagnose. There ar emany sites out there that will help you to the fullest. These sedans have a mind of there own sometimes. So just bear with your car and go through everything you can think of. Trust me i bet its something really stupid. like a bad ground, or a wire is grounding out. The smoking incident was definitely a grounding issue im sure. Firing on 3 cylinders is of course either a bad plug, bad wire, bad dizzy, bad ground. Was it the $th cylinder or the 1st that was not firing by the way? If so then you need to check all that i stated.

Hope this worked alittle for you. Forum Index -> Drivetrain
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